Erica Mena Says Spice Doesn’t Have the Courage to Apologize for Speaking on Her Son

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Spice and Erica Mena’s fallout resulted in conversations about racism and Erica’s firing from LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Erica Mena has been in the headlines plenty due to her controversial fallout with Spice. As we reported, Erica and Spice started having issues in their friendship over Safaree Samuels. Safaree told Spice that Erica was lying about him not paying child support. He showed her proof of him making payments this year. Safaree also said that Erica became upset with him when he had so much concern about Spice’s well-being when she nearly died. Erica argued that Safaree didn’t have compassion for her when she also experienced near-death complications bearing his children.

Interestingly enough, Spice believed Sierra Gates told the truth when she accused Safaree of trying to hit on her behind Erica’s back. And Spice said she believed this because Safaree allegedly tried to get with her, too. But she also felt Safaree was truthful when he said Erica went off about him being concerned for her while she was in the hospital. So she wasn’t sure how to feel about their friendship anymore. As for Erica, she tried to tell Spice that Safaree just started paying child support this year. But Spice didn’t hear her out. And this frustrated Erica a lot.

Shekinah Jo suggested Erica and Spice hash out their issues while she was supposed to serve as the mediator. Although the conversation started off calmy, it became very controversial quickly. After Erica expressed she related to Spice because they are both single mothers doing things on their own, Spice took issue with the comparison. And she went on to tell Erica that her oldest son doesn’t like her. Erica responded by pushing the table in Spice’s direction and calling her a monkey multiple times. At one point, she even made monkey noises.

The public outcry from fans and cast members resulted in MTV eventually announcing it was parting ways with Erica. And she will not be on the upcoming season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Erica Mena had a little bit more to say on Instagram.

Erica eventually released an official statement on social media. While she said she recognizes she crossed the line, she denied her intention was to be racist.

She wrote, “I deeply regret my insensitive comment and want to humbly apologize to anybody I hurt or offended by my thoughtlessness. My choice of words was wrong, and I take full responsibility for what I said. I am committed to listening to the voices of those affected and will work toward making amends. As a woman of color and the mother of two black children, I want to make it clear that my use of that word was not in any way racially driven. That said, I do understand the gravity of what I said and want to use my platform to promote inclusivity and equality.”

One of Erica’s Instagram followers responded. The person asked her if Spice apologized as well.

“Did she apologize to you for bringing up your child? 😒😒”

In response, Erica wrote, “She will never have the guts unfortunately.”


  1. This situation has been taken to serious.. this women is broken and has been for quite some time…
    She has 3 black children so really how racist is she..
    The word monkey was taken out of context.. These broads call each other b-tches and wh-res and sl-ts and they don’t seem bothered .. So now monkey is a racist word ? Come on grow up and stop allowing this platform to make you look stupid like it constantly does

      1. Calling black people animals period is a product of systemic racism so black people shouldn’t be calling each other animals neither yet there’s no outrage about Diamond calling Bambi a horse and Spice calling Tokyo a pig. Racists have been calling us animals forever. And we should never use that language with each either. All of it is wrong.

        1. And Spice calling Tokyo a pig is fatphobia which is also rooted in racism and anti blackness. Yes, let’s get into it.

          1. I was you until I started reading more books. You’d be surprised how many things are rooted in racism. Read more, especially books about African/black history. Then you’d understand why calling another black person any animal is anti blackness.

          2. Read your history baby. Morgan is right! They looked at us as animals and less than human to legitimize slavery and later segregation! Calling any black person any type of animal is definitely anti blackness! Diamond and Spice are wrong too. We shouldn’t be okay with any of it! It’s not okay for black people to dehumanize each other either. Stop acting like anti blackness is fine when a black person does it. We should all know better!

          3. Why not! They are both animals. If you don’t comment, People will never know how ignorant you are. Name calling in its self is meant as derogatory. It’s meant to hurt in the moment 💔 😔! We are human. So stop siding and do better! Eri a has a good case! Run the tapes on all episodes!!!

          4. It’s the n word situation all over again. Black people start doing something racists did (use the n word) and act like it’s not bad anymore just because it’s not a nonblack person saying it. But it’s still shameful. It’s despicable to call any black person an animal. Y’all don’t see the hypocrisy when y’all say racist cops should stop treating black ppl like animals but y’all degrade black women to animal status when angry? Come on now.

        2. If I recall, Scrappy even slapped a woman on the show. No outrage smh. Why is racism being bad like one of the only things black people can agree on but all the other toxic issues are just fine and barely talked about? I’ll be honest, the community really turned me off with the way they treated Meg and defended Tory.

    1. I totally agree with you. Erica was very wrong, she admitted that. Instantly it didn’t take her long to say she apologize. Spice i look at her all kinds of crazy. she too was wrong. she is a whole supposed to be grown woman Erica’s son should have never come across her lips. KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS. MONA SPICE SHOULD HAVE CONSEQUENCES AS WELL. I don’t like Spice anymore Accountability. and all of her so called friends should let her know She was WRONG!.

    2. I agree with you, Sis. Grow up is just what they need to do. I believe whole-headily that Spice was wrong. Speaking ill of Erica as a mother and throwing her son in this conversation was WRONG on Spice’s part and the fact that Erica apologized is honorable and humbling given the fact that such a hurtful remark out of Spice’s mouth is what activated this altercation. Spice is going around the world gaining all this fame and showing the world her lack of interest in being a mother. Yes, her son may love her now but as he grows into a man and watches how his mom lived her life…always throwing her children on other family members to raise while she gains fame…I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her in the news and not in the light of a good mom. I have mad respect for Erica after this incident and I’m sad that she is being taken off this show.

  2. I’d like to speak on her son. She tried bringing him to L&HH:NY when he was young but that soon stopped. She was dating Bow Wow for five minutes. I don’t think Erica has custody of her son because someone saw(at the time)that she [possibly]was unfit.
    Come on now…Erica is a couple of french fries short of a Happy Meal. This ‘woe is me’ thing has gotten really old.
    Back to Spice…she DID NOT DIRECTLY SPEAK ON HER SON. She said YOUR SON DOESN’T LIKE YOU…total different thing but hol’ up. Erica shoulda paused then thought…hmm what would make her say that? No, she pushed the table towards Spice and in the mix she called Spice a BLUE MONKEY. It seems a habit of Erica’s to refer to Blacks as monkies…she’s done it several times before Spice throughout her tenure on the L&HH Franchise.
    I’m happy to know she’s been fired. She also filmed something on ALLBLK…will they air it now or it might be playing/played already.
    Regardless I think she’s blown her career.

  3. Erica is pulling at anything to try and help herself. Spice said your son doesn’t like u. U called her a Monkey 🐒. Go somewhere and reflect. You brag about your mouth being lethal. Now that mouth as gotten u fired from 2 jobs.

    1. do you have children? I would love to hear how you would feel and respond should someone tell you that your child doesn’t like you in the manner in which Spice told Erica. Based on what you’re saying about Erica (and lets remember, Erica did apologize) in an argument should your child be brought into all this anger you would act like an Angel…correct?

  4. They were both wrong and it was disturbing watching them say whatever just to break each other down. The entire season has been disgusting. Black women calling each other animals while defending degenerate black men. Then Erica’s racism. They didn’t even fire her until there was backlash. The whole show is toxic.

  5. You sound crazy and need educate yourself on history. Non-black ppl referring to black ppl as monkeys has always been used as a racist trope, especially when she took it further and started making the sounds. Do you know how many non-black women “love” black men and have children by them but don’t actually love blackness? Or think they’re better than black women? H-ll, even slave masters had “black” kids. Imagine putting on a cape for someone as vile as Erica Mena, tuh.

    1. If only black people would be this passionate about things that actually matter, like the high stats of violence against black women in our own community by black men. Some of you are so fixated on what nonblack women are doing it’s weird. Black people will come together over racism but not misogyny, homophobia, child abuse, nor the degeneracy and violence in the community. It’s even praised in music. But this is where y’all draw the line. Alrighty then.

      1. Preach! As quiet as it’s kept, a lot of black women and latinas don’t like each other because they allowed black men to pit us against each other. Black men spent years on the internet and in rap songs propping up latinas over black women. It’s so crazy how Safaree instigated this and no one is dragging him like they’re dragging Erica and Spice.

      2. Say that! I’ll add black people also won’t even be this passionate about or unite for improving mental health issues in our community. But they will demonize anyone with mental health issues. Look at how ignorant Kandi was the other day when she was talking about Drew’s sister’s mental health. Like can we get this mad about things that actually matter? Erica Mena said something racist and was fired. Next! I just wish we cared about more serious topics.

  6. Go back in history Erica Mena, used Monkey before on New York. They also need to get her off on the other SHOW too. They both were wrong, but Erica, took it way TOO FAR:Black people In Atlanta should be ashamed to let her off so easy, let’s be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You’re worrying about spice she’s not cancelled you’ve lost several jobs, as long as youve done you part, and her apologies aren’t going to get your contracts back, SMMFH your STILL clueless

  8. Ok let’s be real. Erica did NOT apologize to spice. She apologized “to whomever”. This is PR because she now has bigger things than Love and Hip hop. Spice is unlikable and needs to be humble. Spice came into that meeting with an attitude. Erica came in to talk with a friend. Erica reaction was wrong. I think she meant monkey in a racist way. I believe she thinks her alternative looks are superior to black women. Let’s be honest black men prefer women who look like her. We as black women have botched our faces to look Asian and EUROPEAN. WE are so insecure with our bodies, we are running to factory surgeons. Most of our self worth is wrapped up in likes and followers. Our bodies and designer brands is how we measure up against the next. Tell me what do you think?

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