Rich Dollaz Gets Arrested

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Was Rich Dollaz arrested? Just a few days after the season three premiere of Love and Hip Hop, it appears that the cast is already being bombarded with legal troubles. As we recently reported, Yandy Smith’s boo Mandeecees Smith has been accused of molesting a 15-year-old girl, and has an upcoming court date for allegedly sexually assaulting the young girl rumors suggest may be the daughter of his other baby mama. And now it appears that not only could Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena’s relationship be completely fake, but Rich is having some real drama surrounding a particular paternity test he’s been trying to avoid taking for months. According to reports. Rich Dollaz was arrested Thursday due to warrants from refusing to take a court ordered paternity test and driving with a suspended license.

Mouth to Ears reports:

Rich attempted to travel to Memphis to attend a talent show, under a alleged fake name. While in Memphis, Rich was arrested by Shelby County police. Rich allegedly had a warrant for failure to appear in court. He was supposed to appear for a court ordered paternity test in Memphis but failed to comply. He also allegedly has warrant in the state of New Jersey and is riding on a suspended license.


Rich was apparently released within a few hours because the reality star took to his Twitter account to brag about how he had a friend get him out within three hours. He also took time to taunt the woman who requested the paternity test he is still refusing to take:


rich dollaz arrested


Classy guy.


  1. So I guess mofos have to break the law now to get people interested in watching the show. One thing I have to give the Atlanta ppl props for is knowing how to intrigue people with their interviews. These people on LHHNY are so damn dry in the interviews that it reinforces how boring the show is. They need to take a page out of LHHATL’s book and intrigue ppl the legal way. LOL

  2. How does this guy even get chicks?! He has a butter face and just looks like a creep. Who would want to sleep with him? Gross!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! He isn’t hot at all in the business or the streets. I hate frontin dudes! He looks old enough to be Erica’s father. She’s thirsty as hell trying to come up any way she can. Just reckless! She has a baby with dude from Terror Squad and her “modeling” career is in the toilet. Who is checking for these has beens? At some point you gotta just stop. Even Olivia – just get a real job. Become a music teacher. At this point, it aint gon happen. I see this fiasco being cancelled in 5…4…3…2….

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