Walter Wants to Go on RHOA Reunion Show to Expose Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Walter Jackson was supposed to Kenya Moore’s love interest on Real Housewives of Atlanta and her sole reasons for moving to Atlanta, but Walter did the unthinkable when he went to Atlanta radio station V-103 and revealed that things just weren’t what they seemed on television. According to Walter, Kenya Moore asked him to fake being her boyfriend so she could secure her spot on Bravo’s hit reality series. But Walter claims things went south after she began to pressure him about marriage and kids, two subjects that he had a hard time faking interest in. Although many couldn’t see any genuine chemistry between Walter and Kenya, Kenya claims the allegations made by Walter simply are not true. But the big names in Atlanta claim Walter is telling the truth and even NeNe Leakes confirmed that she believes Walter is telling the truth.

The controversy surrounding the alleged fake romance has posed a problem for Bravo, considering that they are said to require that women on the show are involved in romantic relationships. NeNe even suggested Kenya’s alleged fake relationship with Walter makes the franchise look poorly, and although most of the cast has already been confirmed for Season 6, Kenya Moore’s fate is still up in the air. Bravo isn’t too fond of what may have went down with Walter, but Kenya seems to be one that is making the season entertaining.

Kenya is still sticking to her story that Walter is lying but Walter has had just about enough of Kenya’s denials. It is rumored that he has now asked Bravo to let him make an appearance on the Reunion Show so he can provide proof that Kenya did in fact ask him to fake a relationship and that they had not been dating for three years. Apparently Walter has a solid reputation in Atlanta as a business man of a successful towing company, and he says Kenya is going around and telling everyone that he is a compulsive liar and even gay.

In an attempt to clear his name, he wants to go on the Reunion Show and prove himself.

He even tweeted Andy Cohen who is a producer of the show and asked if he could go on Andy’s show and clear his name:

walter jackson rhoa reunion


Bravo is rumored to be stuck in a hard place since they aren’t sure if they want to bring Kenya back for Season 6 or if they want to drop her all together for allegedly lying about her romantic life, which is a huge requirement to become a “housewife.” The only problem is Kenya has become one of the season’s biggest life savers.


  1. What is Bravo confused about? The bish lied and doesn’t need to come back for Season 6! It’s really not that complicated!

  2. She’s entertaining because she lies about everything. We all know fantasy is more interesting than reality most of the time. I say they need to give her the boot and find someone else who has a real story to tell.

  3. I don’t see why people like her so much. She’s fake and tries too hard. Not to mention that whole Gone With the Wind Fabulous thing is lame as hell. Damn, anyone can get fans nowadays. I need to get on reality tv if it’s this easy.

    1. I’m sayin! I got a whole lot of mess going on in my life that would make wonderful tv. And everything would be REAL, no scripts!

  4. Drop her pls….Her attitude was such a disgrace. She was doing too much. I can see securing your job but she was really trying to hurt people.

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