Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s Relationship Exposed?

Photo Credit: @dwyanewade Instagram
Photo Credit: @dwyanewade Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been dating for some years now and make it a point to support each other every chance that they get, even if it means missing out on job opportunities to do so. And although they claim to be very much in love with each other, they aren’t pressed to make moves to the altar as of yet as Gabrielle Union has admitted that she is still enjoying just being D Wade’s girlfriend. As they may not be ready to make things official, they have no problems with a little PDA as we have seem them get freaky with each other on Twitter before. However, rumor has it that their bedroom behavior is much more kinkier than what they get caught doing on social networks. The latest gossip surrounding the NBA star, his actress girlfriend involves an alleged jumpoff of his by the name of Sandrina. It is rumored that Sandrina was involved with Dwyane Wade way before he started dating Gabrielle Union. According to gossip, Sandrina is still very much in the picture, but Gabrielle and D Wade have an arrangement that allows both of the women to stay in his life and bedroom. Full Court Pumps was informed about an alleged arrangement that Dwyane Wade has with his supposed jumpoff Sandrina where D Wade is said to have paid Sandrina to do a “minaj” with him and his girlfriend  Gabrielle Union, Gabrielle allegedly agreeing to the arrangement:

Not even the most beautiful or successful woman can keep these athletes faithful. FCP just received mail shedding some light on Heat Superstar Dwyane Wade’s love life and how he gets down in the bedroom. Dwyane Wade has been stringing along his LA jumpoff Sandrina for some time, since before Gabby. And since Miss Union wants to keep her baller boo, instead of demanding she be the only woman in his life, she joins in.


Here’s the mail received by Full Court Pumps from an anonymous source, suggesting that Dwyane Wade has been sleeping with the alleged jumpoff for awhile now and has supposedly spent money on her as well:

Sandrina lives in Los Angeles and is Dwayne Wade’s jumpoff.

She always in Miami too she splits her time.
Their huge secret is they have actually been f*cking for years but Dwayne recently learned that she has been sleeping with another NBA player too.
He found that out and went ballistic because he has been financing her lifestyle for example he bought her breast implants recently (old pic and new pic for details) and much more
You may wonder why he would cheat on Gabrielle Union, but it is because Sandrina has O*GY with him!!!! and Dwayne pays the big bucks for it

Sincerely a little birdie


The information from FCP is reported as strictly gossip at the moment as there is no confirmation that D Wade and Gabrielle Union have any kind of arrangement of this nature going on with Sandrina.


  1. I’ve heard this before. Not with this jumpoff but with others. Gabrielle Union is very pretty but I’ve always thought she has low self esteem. She’s the type that will do anything to keep a man.

  2. This is probably true. People have been saying this stuff for a while. People think they are so cute together but I don’t see the hype. D Wade most likely cheated on his wife with Gabby and she has a reputation for being a athlete groupie.

  3. Hmm not shocked if this is true. I mean Gabby isn’t one known for having high standards so I can see this happening. Women who cheat with married men tend to tolerate anything.

  4. Gross. Ain’t no man THAT important that he’s going to have my permission to sleep with other women. Gabby needs to get some self respect.

  5. Well Gabby is old so she probably is willing to do anything to make this relationship work. It’s not like she has a lot of job offers or money coming in.

  6. Yeah I heard they do this often…Gabby is desperate to keep that man. Sad, but it’s a lot of women who are currently doing these things because they are scared of being alone.

  7. Homewreckers will do anything to keep the men they stole from their wives. Alicia Keys probably does this too. It’s not easy keeping a man that wasn’t yours to begin with. #shrugs

  8. This is why entertainers and athletes love dating known whores. They know they can get away with more when they date females like Gabby.

  9. People crack me up… Pure entertainment…. I love how people pass judgements on other people and their own lives are not what it’s cracked up to be… We’re not living these people’s lives, we don’t hang out with these people and we really don’t know nothing about their personal lives.. That’s like some random person seeing me at Dunkin Donuts talking to me breifly now all of a sudden they know me.. FOH
    These people’s on a whole different tax bracket, and people like us need to stay in our lanes… Things that are like WHOA to us and AMAZING are boring to them… GOSSIP is always entertaing to read, and PEOPLE like them really DON’T GIVE A SH*T about what we think…. Just say’n

    1. Stay in our lanes? LOL, what up GABBY? Girl, don’t nobody want your life. You had to mess around with a married man and now do threesomes to keep him. Ain’t you like 40 now? Girl, bye. LOL.

      1. That’s right, “STAY IN YOUR LANE”….ROFLMAO… Stop front’n, you know you want to live like GABBY… Real talk, I ain’t say’n I want to be Gabby, but have that Gabby life style and living it up w/real cake vs struggle’n… Who don’t want that?? Get off that bathsalt.. CTFULMAO…
        I agree with you on the lines of her messing with a married man, Now I don’t like b*tches (uummm clears throat) excuse me, females like that… Hate them with a passion… But, do you know for sure that she’s doing the threesome just to keep him? How you know if she ain’t doing the threesome because that’s a fantasy of hers… Truth is you don’t know… Entertaining to read though

        1. Chile bye. Just because someone isn’t famous doesn’t mean they are STRUGGLING. You’re the typical celeb a-s kisser and sound ignorant as hell. Gabby doesn’t have anything I want. I have a college education, a husband, and make very good money in my career. And I damn sure don’t have to do threesomes to keep my man. Not every celeb should be admired or lives a life worth having. Keep being delusional.

          1. You can have a seat somewhere and get off that bathsalt too..You cracking me up right now… You’re not struggling, good for you… You don’t have to do a threesome to keep your man, good for you… But I bet your man cheating on you right now…. You can say he not but how do you know.. Why because he told you that, because you trust him… We’re all humans and we’re not perfect, with that being said… How can you trust imperfection??
            Same question I ask the other genius… Do you know for sure that she’s doing the threesome just to keep him? How you know if she ain’t doing the threesome because that’s a fantasy of hers…

        2. Gabby is not “caking” anything up. Her man is. She just said not too long ago that she felt rumors were costing her acting work. And when she gets jobs, they don’t pay that well. She is a black actress who is not even A-List. She also has to take care of her fam on the little money she makes. And that’s why she’s doing all she can to keep D Wade around. She is not anyone to be jealous of. She’s not Beyonce, she’s a black actress who barely gets work and admits that she is struggling. Do your research before you talk about how “jealous” everyone needs to be of her.

          1. How do you know what she’s doing?? I’d like to know that one?? Because you read it on line like I did..

          2. Are you slow? I just said SHE SAID IT herself in an interview!!!! So not only are you delusional, but you LACK comprehension skills. My God you’re not the smartest. Stop embarrassing yourself on here.

        3. Not all men cheat…but hey, you’re a Gabby Union fan and you think all celebs have money so I’m not shocked that your little brain can’t comprehend that. Your lack of intelligence shows in all of your responses on here.

    2. Oh girl bye. They care, and they read what blogs write all the time. That’s why Gabby is still crying in her interviews about people calling her a homewrecker. It’s part of the game. Stop getting all emotional about what someone says about a damn celebrity. Getting all sensitive and stuff. Lmbo.

      1. Real talk… I’m lmao over here, have’n fun with it… I can care less about these celebs… you can get off that bath salt too…

        1. I hope you’re Gabby because you’re pressed as hell. You’ve commented over 6 times. No wonder you care so much about Gabby’s life and think she has something to be jealous over…you have no life of your own. We call it like we see it on here. Toughen up or hit that X in the corner. Dat bish can barely get acting gigs…jealous of WHAT?

        2. Girl you ain’t laughing, you’re crying…over Gabby’s tramp a-s. She gets dragged on the blogs because she can’t respect other people’s marriages. DEAL. Now somebody get this weak chick some damn tissue.

        3. It’s not bath salt. It’s BATH SALTS. And your comebacks are lame. I hope Gabby is paying you well to write 10 comments in her defense.

  10. Judging by all these hating comments, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HOW WONDERFUL YOU ALL LIFE IS. keep trying to figure out other people lives by believing gossip you read n see where that get ya.

    1. And I’ll respond to you as well…Gabby is like 40 years old if not older. No woman needs to be jealous of her. She messed around with D Wade while he was married and now she’s having to sleep with women to keep him. Meanwhile, some of us on here are married and don’t have to degrade ourselves for our men to come home every night. You people kill me thinking people with money or fame have happier lives when they have to resort to ish like this to stay in a relationship. Why do you think so many celebs are on hard drugs?! They’re not happy! Idol these fools if you want to though.

      1. These celebs are on drugs cause they bored… Too much money and don’t know what to do with themselves… They done did everything, that us normal people work a life time for and still can’t do…

        1. Another ignorant person who knows NOTHING about the industry. I work in it and no honey, they don’t do drugs because they are bored. You are so clueless it’s laughable. They do drugs because they are MISERABLE. I work around these people and they are some of the most depressed people I have ever met. And a lot of them blow their money on drugs or get screwed in bad contracts. They put out a whole bunch of albums and do a whole bunch of tours because they are damn near broke. You have a lot to learn. But in the meantime, put your cape back on and keep trying to save Gabby.People like you annoy me speaking on celebs and all you see is the fake stuff they put out. That’s why our kids are so screwed up now. They can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. Smh.

  11. Somebody is all in their feelings over Gabrielle Union…why? She’s not even a great actress. Can the same one person who is obviously a stan of hers stop writing all these stupid a-s comments. We need a new post!

  12. Eh my feelings about Gabby stand. I don’t care about how much money she makes, etc. She sucks. #shrugs

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