Is Erica Mena on Drugs?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Erica Mena on drugs? Erica Mena has returned for season 3 of Love and Hip Hop after coming to blows with former cast member Kimbella last season after a casual conversation about their modeling careers over drinks took an ugly turn with the quickness and ended in the police being called to the scene. And not even before the very first episode of the new season of the show got a chance to air, the gossip started up about Erica as it was said that she was a newly engaged woman and that Olivia’s manager Rich Dollaz was the man who did the proposing to her. Rich Dollaz didn’t let the rumor go too long without addressing it and completely shooting it down. As Erica’s engagement to Rich Dollaz was exposed as a fake one, her beefs are nothing but as she looked to be starting up a whole new one with aspiring female rapper Lore’l who has made her first appearance on the show.  During Monday night’s episode, Erica got into a heated argument with Rich Dollaz about not wanting to leave the club when she was ready to go. Lore’l eventually got involved in it, putting her two cents in and she sent Erica over the edge when she made a comment about Erica kicking her baby’s father in the head. Things switched gears as a heated exchange popped off between Erica and Lore’l. Lore’l however decided that she wasn’t done with what she had to say about Erica and took to her Twitter account to drag Erica, saying that she doesn’t claim her child and hints that Erica may be on drugs: (Read from bottom to top):

erica mena drugs 5

erica mena drugs 4

erica mena drugs 3

erica mena drugs 2

erica mena drugs


Erica and Lore’l had talked about and agreed to doing a song together much to Rich Dollaz displeasure as he told Erica that he didn’t think collaborating with Lore’l would be in her best interest. At this point, it doesn’t look like that will be happening anyway as the beef has officially started between Erica Mena and Lore’l.

Peep the clip of Erica and Lore’l getting into it below if you missed it:


  1. Erica has all of a sudden gotten “hard” since this show. She has so much mouth I could have jumped thru the TV and choked her!

  2. She’s annoying as hell. And her “relationship” with Rich is so scripted that I laugh at most of their scenes together.

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