Yandy Smith Fired for Mandeecees Scandal? Mona Scott Young Speaks

Photo Credit: @yandysmith Instagram
Photo Credit: @yandysmith Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Was Yandy Smith fired? Season three of Love and Hip Hop premiered last week, but already it’s clear that most of the drama is taking place off-screen. Just two episodes into the season, two of the cast mates have already been involved in scandals. While we’re still not sure if Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena’s relationship is even real, and Rich Dollaz is caught up in a nasty paternity battle with a woman who claims he is not claiming his child. She was able to get a court ordered paternity test, but the reality star didn’t show up to court and was arrested last week as a result. Then of course there has been a string of women on Twitter claiming that Rich isn’t acting like he’s in a relationship.

But the biggest scandal of all would have to involve fan favorite Yandy Smith’s baby daddy Mandeecees Harris. Mandeecees has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor, and the young girl is rumored to be the 15-year-old daughter of his other baby mama. Mandeecees is set to appear in court soon, and Yandy hasn’t said much about the controversy.

There are now rumors going around that Mona is furious with Yandy and Mandeecees for not telling her about the situation, and as a result, it has been speculated that Yandy and Mandeecees will be phased out the show through heavy editing.

But when asked about the rumor, Mona Scott Young suggested that the rumors simply aren’t true:


yandy smith fired

We never believed the rumors, especially since both Mona and Yandy have gone on the record several times and stated that they were extremely close. In fact, Yandy considers Mona to be a her mentor and Mona has been looking out for Yandy plenty with her business ventures.


    1. A background check is not always needed. After he was introduced on the show I knew he was a weirdo after 3 seconds of him speaking and I was just watching the TV. Obviously Mona must have met him in person so she should have suspected something was off. From the way he speaks to his vibe it seems like the only type of girls who would buy his soft-spoken corny raps (low-life mumbles) are young teenage girls. Most grown women with common sense would not give him the time of day, especially now that I know he is very small in height. I have know idea what Yandi saw in him…maybe she has self esteem issues but I don’t see why she would.

    2. Mona Scott has no morals or standards. She profits off of showing ratchetness on television. Someone should have done a background check on her before giving her a deal to show her ghetto meaningless trash she calls a “reality show”

  1. It’s not true because they’re using it for publicity. Unfortunately, not ALL publicity is GOOD publicity. There’s not one scandal Mona doesn’t know about or wouldn’t use to her advantage when it comes to people on this show.

  2. I use to like Yandy but I no longer have a bit of respect for her now, she acts like the other birds on the show. I really thought she was different, a chick with a good head on her shoulders but after this, oh how she proved me wrong! This happen supposely 2 years ago and I believe Yandy said she has been ridding with this n*gga for several years…. so she had to have had full knowledge of what happened and you still got pregnant by this dude? And word on the street is he has another small child and he was living with that child’s mother too! We woman have to so better! SMDH…..

  3. I can honestly say. I am equally as disturbed by the reaction from the public as I am about the allegations. Is this not American? I thought people were innocent until proven guilty? We’re any of you people present when this took place? Now your blaming yandy, and dissing her? People get charged with false allegations all the time. The trouble with it is, even when they are cleared it follows them there while life. I don’t know what mandeeces did. He could be guilty. He could be innocent. I WILL NOT participate in his crucification until I see proof & he is tried & convicted! That’s the same thing I would want if he were my brother or father. A pedophile is a very strong label to give someone without having seen facts for yourself. SHAME ON YOU!!

    1. I agree. I wasn’t there so I don’t no. If he did dats foul, but he is still human like us & makes mistakes. Be careful about judging people, bcuz there’s only 1 tru judge & dats God himself. I don’t think any of us would like to be accused of sumthg we didn’t do.

  4. just because your charged with something doesn’t mean your guilty. people call cops they charge you , you fight the lies and win your case. leave the guy alone he’s stepping up to the plate.

  5. Kudos to you reasonable i agree with everything you said. Since when everyone becqme judge and jury on someone elses life. Yandy is not the only woman in this world that has ended up in a not so perfect relatioship. What really matters is them children. If Mendeecee gets convicted on the drug charges, and gets sentenced to 20 yrs. Guess what people? Thats more young men growing up without their father in their lives. Its sad that Yandy and her family is going through this because I too am gking through the samething the difference is she is in the public eye and Im not. Keep your head up girl you and your family are in myprayers. God Bless


  6. Yandy I love u and you are a successful black woman. I respect the hustler in you, and be strong and wait on yo man cause he loves the hell out you 🙂

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