Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz Desperately Try to Prove Their Relationship is Real

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Erica Mena’s relationship with Rich Dollaz was thought to be getting pretty serious at one point, far beyond the manager-artist level as it was rumored that they got engaged to each other right around the start of season 3 of Love and Hip Hop. While some people were set to send Erica and Rich congrats on becoming engaged, it was shortly discovered that it was all a fraud. Not only are Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz not engaged to each other, they aren’t much of a couple at all the way Rich sees it as he has continued to downplay what it is that he has going on with Erica and he told Olivia that what was going on between him and Erica was nothing extra special. Erica doesn’t see it that way though as she got into it with Rich at a nightclub for not making moves to leave when she was ready to go and doing some heavy flirting with Joe Budden’s ex boo Tahiry, Erica’s arguing with Rich sparking a beef between her and cast mate Rapper Lore’l who spilled some tea about Erica’s mothering skills and her alleged drug use. As for Erica and Rich, it is looking as though they are on completely different pages as far as where they stand.

And that’s most likely because the relationship is fake and just for the cameras. We told you recently that we’re not buying their “relationship,” especially when Rich is sending texts to other women telling them not to believe what they read on the blogs concerning his relationship with Erica. There’s no real chemistry between them on the show either, and their interaction just seems very scripted. Obviously Erica and Rich feel like they have to prove themselves, because the “couple” took to Instagram the other day to release intimate pictures of them in bed. Erica posted the photos of herself topless lying in bed with Rich Dollaz, the two cuddling, kissing, and sucking on each other. Examiner got a hold of the photos before they were eventually deleted.  Erica posted the pictures and the following caption “What they say and do”:


Photo Credit: Examiner
Photo Credit: Examiner


We can’t say this stunt made their relationship any more believable to us.


  1. I’ve always been a little skeptical of any couple that has to continuously prove they are happy or together on Instagram/Facebook. They’re usually the ones that have the most sh-t going on low key. Anyway, they just aren’t believable to me.

    1. I just wanted to say I sooooo agree with you about that IG/FB couples. They are the main ones that don’t last!!!

  2. I’m so bored with this show. I was hoping it would pick up but I think the problem is they don’t really have any interesting people on this season. I liked Yandy, but I’m mad she got impregnated by a child molester. So yeah, this season has been a dud so far.

  3. As big of a gold digger and groupie as Erica is, I find it hard to believe she would seriously date Broke No Dollaz. I mean seriously. I hope Mona doesn’t ruin LHHATL like she did LHHNY.

  4. Rich Dollaz is so lame. I can see why Olivia is not bigger than she is. With management like Rich, she is not going anywhere.

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