Alicia Keys Set to Sing National Anthem at the Super Bowl, Petition Created

Photo Credit: José Goulão
Photo Credit: José Goulão

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just days after the White House took down a petition urging the Obama Administration to disinvite Beyonce from the Inauguration, it now appears that another big time song bird is being boycotted for a big event. It is rumored that singer Alicia Keys has been chosen to sing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl, and while it’s an honor for the singer to be chosen, there’s a group of people who aren’t too thrilled that Alicia was selected. A source recently revealed to the Associated Press that Keys will indeed sing the anthem, as she sang “America the Beautiful” before the 2005 game and lent her vocals to the pre game show in 2008. This is the first time the singer has been selected to sing the football game’s most important song.

Just as quickly as news spread that Alicia would be singing the National Anthem, a petition popped up demanding that Alicia be removed from the lineup.

The petition was created through, and the creator Princeton Hartnabrig writes:

“Please do your part to help in saving our nation.

Before watching the biggest game of the football season, no one wants to endure the aural assault of Alicia Augello Cook. Think of the time that will be wasted mending injured eardrums, comforting crying children, and attempting to quiet hysterical house pets.

Instead, she should be replaced with Sissy Nobby, a renowned New Orleans bounce artist. As a native of the city of New Orleans and a world-class artist who is quite experienced in the art of getting a party started, it only seems fitting to afford him the opportunity to honor both his city and our nation on this monumental occasion.

Ask yourselves: who would we rather hear? A caged bird with lifelong laryngitis, or a local legend with a penchant for making booties clap like those bombs bursting in air?

I strongly urge you to prayerfully consider this change.”


The petition reads like a joke, but it’s already amassed nearly 200 signatures just a few hours after it was created.


  1. Honestly, Alicia isn’t the worst to do it. Roseanne Barr anyone? I say let the tone deaf homewrecker do her thing. #shrugs

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