Kenya Moore Gets Even With Walter?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson ended their interesting “relationship on a rather sour note. Although the chemistry between the two lacked in front of the cameras, most people didn’t suspect that it could actually be more than a man who just wasn’t interested. According to Walter, the relationship between the two on Season 5 was fake. Kenya’s former on-screen boo even went on a radio station in Atlanta and claimed that Kenya asked him to pretend to be her man for the cameras. He claimed he was speaking up because Kenya was trying to ruin his reputation and was trying to start gay rumors about him as a way to protect herself from looking crazy when folks in Atlanta saw him kicking it with an up and coming singer. Walter also suggests he and Kenya haven’t been in a relationship in three years, but in order for Kenya to get a spot on the show, he went ahead with her plan. Some even claim Kenya needed to get on the show badly due to money troubles.

Kenya has denied the allegations, and claims Walter just used her for 15 minutes of fame. However, a lot of people believe Walter, including NeNe Leakes, especially since the prominent people in Atlanta claim they found it odd that they never saw Kenya and Walter out and about in Atlanta unless they were filming, which is quite weird for Walter, as he has been labeled as a prominent business man and socialite in Atlanta.

Just recently, it’s been speculated that Walter was trying to secure a spot on the reunion show to provide proof that he wasn’t lying about his alleged arrangement with Kenya. He even tweeted Andy Cohen and asked if he could go on Andy’s show and tell his side of the story.

Welp, it looks like Kenya’s people are fighting back. There was an interesting “anonymous” email about Walter sent to Baller Alert the other day. The anonymous source claims Walter is on the down low:

“I was talking to my friend who’s a transgender queen in Atlanta… He basically just told me that Kenya and old boy really were dating and the only reason dude came out with that other girl was because of the recent scene with Kenya and her cousin where her cousin said she thought he was gay.

Well, apparently he’s tampered and tiptoed on the down low so he was tryna out Kenya before she outed him. Since you’re in Atlanta I know you probably know some gay men that could tell you, but apparently Lawrence knows this info too. Soooooo that’s that lol”


One of our good pals and socialites in Atlanta sent us over the tip and told us they had a strange feeling Kenya and her people are responsible for this anonymous email, especially since they are in the same circle as Walter and saw him hanging out tough with up and coming singer Christon Ingram. According to the latest gossip in Atlanta, Kenya’s future on RHOA is not certain, so she’s pulling all her tricks to prove to Andy and the other execs at Bravo that she is a victim. Interestingly enough, NeNe slipped up and may have confirmed that Bravo isn’t believing Kenya’s side to the story.

But what do you think? Could this be true or do you think Kenya’s people are working overtime to seal her future for the next season of RHOA?


  1. I think Kenya is lying still and throwing this man under a bus to save face. I really don’t like her because she is so desperate to be on TV that she has absolutely no morals or class. Why did she even get picked for the show? If she comes back next season, I may not watch. I’m sick of her.

  2. I’m still baffled that Kenya and her fans think she’s relevant enough or a legit celeb to the point that someone would “use her for fame.” People forgot she even existed until RHOA, and she wouldn’t have gotten on the show without Walter. So who’s using who?

  3. They both need to have a seat. I’m tired of Kenya and Walter. I’m mad RHOA has become the Kenya Moore show. She sucks.

  4. This broad has been bad news from the word go. She hates on just about everyone on the show, and she’s jealous because she isnt the cutest one on the show. I don’t even understand how she got on the show she’s not even married or never has before. This lady has issues way beyond Walter and anyone else on the show, if anything she should be in the middle of a Intervention for being so damn crazy.

  5. I love to watch RHOA, though this insensitive, know it all, greasy face, nasty hair and fake demonic eye witch, is making me change to another show. She hears herself speak and shows no values, morals or integrity. Class act she is not. Stupid is, what stupid does.

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