Joseline Hernandez Says Chris Brown is Too Ugly for Rihanna & Looks Like a Crackhead

joseline hernandez
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It appears that Chris Brown and Rihanna’s on and off romance has everyone talking and it’s pretty clear that most people have strong opinions regarding the former couple’s rumored reunion. Although Chris claims he is single, he’s been spending time with Rihanna and Karrueche, causing many to believe that there is some kind of  “love triangle” going on between all three. It was originally speculated that Karrueche is only still around for business purposes, but that rumor was shot down when Chris was caught by the paps several times driving her around in her car all through Hollywood and even kicking it with her in the studio recently. Then of course, Karrueche confirmed things are more than business when she confirmed that she was spending the day with Chris on her private Instagram account. Rihanna isn’t too happy about any of this of course, but in addition to shading Chris on Instagram, she has also been spending time with her ex Matt Kemp, causing a lot of people to think she is just using Kemp to make Chris “act right.” However, both Chris and Rihanna were spotted at the same studio the other day, while Karrueche took a trip to Atlanta to promote The Kill. But eyebrows raised when she refused to confirm rather she and Chris were officially back on as a couple in an interview with Atlanta radio station 94.5.

Welp, to no surprise, not every Rihanna fan is pro Chrihanna. Some of Rihanna’s fans actually want the singer to finally move on from Chris completely, and that’s because they feel Chris is just not in her league anymore. And it turns out reality star Joseline Hernandez holds those same views.

During a recent interview with V-103’s Ryan Cameron, she made it clear that she’s baffled that Rihanna is still in love with Chris. According to Joseline, Chris is too ugly for her and even looks like he’s hooked on drugs.

She says:

“Why is Rihanna going crazy over this ugly man?!

“Rihanna – You’re beautiful! You know, you’ve got your career going. You’ve got your body going – and he’s not that cute!

“Chris Brown be looking like a crackhead to me sometimes; I’m sorry.”


Tell us how you really feel, Joseline.


  1. Chris clearly needs some help, but I wouldn’t say Rihanna is too good for him. They both looked like they just got done doing lines of cocaine the other day when they were spotted at the same studio…

    1. Exactly. That bish is doing more than weed. She eve looks like she’s high on molly or cocaine sometimes on her iG pics.

  2. I agree with a couple of things she said. Yes, Chris definitely looks like a crackhead. Yes, he isn’t the cutie pie he used to be. But Rihanna is not some princess or classy chick that deserves better than this. She is very childish, nasty, spiteful, and raunchy. Sorry, she doesn’t really deserve a good dude in my opinion. Chris is right up her alley.

    1. Yessss! You’re only worth how you treat yourself. If Rihanna treats herself like garbage, exactly why does she deserve a good man? Poor Matt 🙁

  3. So is Rihanna going to shade her too like she does everyone else who tells the damn truth about her situation? Yall know Rih can’t stand the truth. She prefers all of her fans be a-s kissers.

  4. Any female that is willing to meddle in someone’s relationship until they break up that relationship doesn’t deserve a good man, they deserve karma. And Chris does as well. I really wish people would stop putting Rihanna on a pedestal because she’s famous. She’s shown of several occasions that she’s not a good person.

  5. I agree that Chris has been looking a little crackish lately, but I honestly feel like he deserves better than Rihanna. Rihanna has a rep for sleeping with a lot of people in the industry. Even Waka Flocka called her a tramp. She also threw Chris under a bus, and Kae was the one that was with him when Rihanna didn’t even want him. As soon as she saw he was back on his feet and happy with Kae, she started hating. I have no respect for her…at all.

    1. Thank you!!!!! I am a REAL Chris Brown fan and I don’t see how any real fan can support or want him back with Rihanna’s fake a-s. She got the hell on when the world hated him. He got his career back on track and started dating Kae (who looks 20 times better than Rih) and Kae has helped him start a non profit, a clothing line, among other things. If Rih was so bad and he loved her so much, why didn’t he go to her to start those businesses? Exactly. He can’t trust her. I hope he wakes up and leaves her bird a-s alone. Get some publicity from this bird and move on Chris. I was done with her when she did that interview and blamed the whole thing on Chris! Everyone knows she has a bad temper and I doubt Chris hit her first!

  6. F-ck Rihanna! She had the nerve to call Chris an abuser but she won’t admit that she hit that man first! She can’t keep her hands to herself and she’s an evil spiteful b-tch! She broke Chris and Kae up because she was jealous! She is not too good for him, he’s too good for her and he needs to leave her psycho a-s alone. That’s why he still messes with Kae, he knows he can’t trust that b-tch! She is more in love with her ego and throwing things in Kae’s face that she is with Chris!

  7. Rihanna is cool and all, but she isn’t a good chick. She’s ratchet as hell and she needs a ratchet relationship. She is not mature enough to even appreciate a healthy relationship – chicks like Rihanna would call a healthy relationship boring. So umm, nah. Can’t agree with Joseline on that. But I will say Chris does look like he’s on drugs. He needs to slow down, but how can he when all he surrounds himself with is yes men? Oh, and Rih is most likely doing more than weed. IJS.

  8. And who the f-ck is Rihanna? A classy lady?! LMAO! She is right where she needs to be. Sharing a crackhead with some “regular” chick.

  9. I’m so tired of people hyping Rihanna up. Her body is mediocre, her face ain’t all that unless she has a whole bunch of makeup on and covers up that big a-s forehead, her attitude sucks, and she’s not even talented. She is not too good for anyone. That’s why most of the industry has had her already. Chris is being a sucker dealing with her again. But it’s funny how he’s with her right now while Kae’s working in ATL. She went from being the main to the sidepiece again, and that’s where she needs to be.

    1. In order for us to hate on her we’d need something to hate on. Let’s see, she’s addicted to drugs, can’t sing, can’t dance, needs to get naked to get attention, too insecure to handle criticism, spiteful, jealous, trashy, and it took her EIGHT albums to get to number 1. So I’m guessing you want us to hate on her because she may be a little rich? I’ll pass #TheEnd

  10. Still can’t figure out how the f#$k Rihanna threw him under the bus n didn’t want him. That’s the dumbest S#$t I’ve read. Gtfoh. If she stayed with him after the assualt, the same hating dumb a#% would still be criticizing. For the record to the dummies that don’t know how it works, you can’t come betwee someone’s Relationship if they don’t allow it. If he was/is so happy with tran you clowns wouldn’t have sh#$ to talk about. Hearsay is just what it is, unless you, no talented a#$ rapper Is in her bedroom how the hell do any of us know who she or the next person slept with. I mean f$%kn really? Hating on people that you don’t know and have no consequence in you’re life either/or is fu$%n pathetic .

    1. Please don’t tell me you’re a Rihanna fan…if you are, you should want better for Rihanna. Chris Brown is a womanizer and an abuser. Arguing over who he “loves the most” is stupid. If he loved either, he’d commit to one and he hasn’t. I’m a Rihanna fan and I’m tired of this Chrihanna sh-t. She needs a REAL man. Him leaving Kae was so he could be single and have BOTH. And he’s doing just that.

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