Shawty Lo Says He Wasn’t Arrested for Not Paying Child Support

Photo Credit: @thatsshawtylo Instagram
Photo Credit: @thatsshawtylo Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Was Shawty Lo arrested for failure to pay child support? Shawty Lo has been the center of controversy ever since the news of his reality TV show All My Babies’ Mamas hit the media, a show that was set to feature him, his 10 baby mamas, 11 children and 19-year-old girlfriend, giving people a chance to see him in action as a father. Apparently there were a number of people who were not at all interested in seeing that though as petitions started up over the potential airing of the show, the Oxygen network catching a lot of heat for even considering to be associated with a show of that nature. For a moment, though despite all the negative commentary, Oxygen was backing Shawty Lo and his new reality show and still had plans to go forward with the show’s production. As the rapper was on the verge of getting his first taste of life as a reality TV show star, Oxygen officially decided to cancel the show shortly after it was rumored that they were considering doing so. Shawty Lo didn’t seem too fazed about the news at first, though his friends started up a petition in an attempt to save it. However, the rapper did say that he  thinks that his show was boycotted unfairly. Petitions and a show cancellation have gotten overshadowed recently though as a picture of Shawty Lo allegedly being arrested in Atlanta, Georgia was uploaded on Twitter by DJ Smallz that eventually got deleted.


Photo Credit: @DJSmallz Twitter
Photo Credit: @DJSmallz Twitter


And without knowing the full details behind the arrest, people automatically jumped to the conclusion that it had to be over Shawty Lo skipping out on child support payments considering all the children that he has, him supposedly having another one on the way by his ex-girlfriend. Shawty Lo doesn’t hide the fact that he has been arrested numerous times. But the rapper assures everyone that none of his previous arrests have been for not paying child support as he took to his Twitter account to address the reports that were being put out about him:


While details about the arrest have not yet been revealed, Shawty Lo says that you will never catch him in cuffs for not taking care of his kids.


  1. Man he is so ignorant to me. I’m so glad T.I. squashed this little bug when they had beef and I’m so glad that his show did not live to see the day of light. But now that everybody signed this petition for his show to go away, there has been dumb a** ones following after. Alicia being banned from singing and Beyonce? Come on now. But back to this, Shawty Lo, YOU ARE A CLOWN AND YOU DON’T REPRESENT THE A! STAY GHOST!

  2. I wish this man would have a seat. That picture looks staged. Your show has been cancelled, please go back to being irrelevant.

    1. Girl yes. I wish this “man” would go sit down somewhere. People nowadays will do anything to get a reality show.

    1. True, but we can’t be too surprised. The man actually wanted a show to show his life with 10 baby mamas and 11 kids, and thought it would be positive. He isn’t exactly a genius. I wish he realized how much Oxygen was going to exploit his family. Smh.

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