Shawty Lo is Shopping Cancelled Reality TV Show to Other Networks

Photo Credit: Oxygen
Photo Credit: Oxygen

By: Taren Vaughan

Shawty Lo shopping reality TV show to other networks? Shawty Lo was on the verge of bringing his whole family on board for the reality TV show All My Babies’ Mamas. And a rather large one he has as the rapper’s show was set to feature him, his 10 baby mamas, 11 children and 19-year-old girlfriend. After catching a glimpse of what Shawty Lo’s show was about to bring to TV, those appalled by the thought of it airing on a major network started up petitions, heavily urging Oxygen to not go through with the production of the show. For a slight moment, Oxygen stuck to their guns and even gave their reasoning behind wanting to give the show a chance. But the network revealed shortly after that they were cancelling the show, leading some friends of the rapper to petitioning to save the show. In an interview that he did with Hip Hop Weekly, Shawty Lo spoke about his reality show and says that he feels that people assumed that he was doing the show for money and that it would be a show full of violence. Shawty Lo says that is not the case though and even says that Oxygen reached out to him:

“I got a wonderful family, man. I got 11 beautiful kids, 9 girls and two boys. I never reached out to no network to come in on my life. It came to me. At first I wasn’t tryin’ to do that, but you know, I had people like, “You got a story that’s never been heard of, plus you take care of your family so it’d be interesting just to do it.” But people made assumptions that the show was gonna be violent or something or I was doing it for money, but you know, I never had money problems.”

He also goes on to reveal that he is in the process of negotiating with other networks to pick up the reality TV show:

“That’s what’s in the works. It’s just the legal process right now with Oxygen. We got like five or six other networks right now interested in the show. Basically all the people did is make the show it bigger than it already was.”

With all the angry petitions that floated around and Oxygen giving the show the axe, we still may be seeing Shawty Lo, all his babies’ mamas and kids on the TV screen.


  1. My whole thing is, no one (at least in the petitions I signed) thought or even cared WHY he was doing the show, the show as a WHOLE and what it portrayed was the issue. Obviously this is not a smart man and these aren’t smart women so they’ll try to think of every reason but the obvious to say that this show didn’t happen. His story doesn’t need to be told, there are examples of him in every neighborhood and community that this show was targeting. If you’re a good father (which I can’t fathom happening with 11 children soon to be 12) then be one with or without cameras.

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