Shawty Lo Thinks His Reality Show About Baby Mamas Was Cancelled Due to Its Name

Photo Credit: @thatsshawtylo Instagram
Photo Credit: @thatsshawtylo Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Shawty Lo’s All My Babies Mamas reality show caused much anger and controversy to surface from the trailer alone as the idea of the rapper, his 10 baby mamas, 11 children and 19-year-old girlfriend landing a series was too much for even the biggest reality TV show fans to take. And people were trying to ensure that the reality TV show didn’t go beyond the pilot as a petition started up, protesting the show. And it put massive amounts of pressure on the Oxygen network to not move forward with the show. After finally giving in to the angry earful that they were getting, the network announced that they were canceling the show. However, that didn’t stop Shawty Lo from shopping his show around to other networks.

And the way Shawty Lo sees things, he doesn’t think his reality show stood a chance all because of its name. In an interview that he did with Sister 2 Sister publisher Jamie Foster Brown, Shawty Lo says that he feels that the name that Oxygen came up with for the show, All My Babies Mamas, was the reason behind why it got cancelled and boycotted:

“I really feel like the name that Oxygen came up with, All My Babies Mamas, was doomed from the beginning when I heard that name…It (the trailer) was just a 13 minute clip showing, it was like a pilot showing that my TV show was coming. But the deal is, we didn’t have no input on the 13 minutes. They came and shot film with us…Whatever they did, they did it on their own. And I guess, some people portrayed it like it was gone be something not right for the viewers to watch.”

And though many people assumed that All My Babies Mamas would a hot, ratchet mess, Shawty says that people’s assumptions about his show reflecting the negative stereotypes of African Americans are wrong and at the end of the day, his life is still great, with or without the show:

“A show don’t make my life or break my life. It is what it is.”

Peep the clip of Shawty Lo’s interview below:


  1. I thought the last time we heard from him he claimed someone else was trying to pick up the show. Now he’s saying a reality show doesn’t make or break him. LOL.

  2. Sigh…it was more than the show’s name sweetheart. Please don’t tell me this man is this clueless.

  3. LOL! I’m sorry, this was hilarious! Just when I think he can’t do or say something even more ridiculous, he proves me wrong.

  4. So it was the title of the show and not the fact that he has ten baby mommas that caused the backlash. This man is a genius.

  5. This man is a mess. He needs to give up on reality TV and focus on all those kids he has.

  6. First off let me say that Oxygen should be ashamed of themselves for naming the show All My Babies Mama; the name itself sounds ratchet and ghetto. I think people should have given Shawty Lo a chance and if they didn’t like it then they should have boycotted it. There is a show that is similar to the concept behind his show that airs on TLC and it is called Sister Wives. Sister Wives is about a white man and he is married to about 3 or 4 women and they have a gang of children. I didn’t see anyone boycotting this show. They should have given Lo a chance. Start my theme song: Dey Know! Dey Know! L-O-! L-O!

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