Kandi Burruss Responds to Wendy Williams’ Criticism of Her Engagement

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

Kandi Burruss has been on cloud nine ever since the big announcement was made about her getting engaged to her boyfriend Todd Tucker. The newly engaged couple has been enjoying the loving responses that they have received from fans, family and friends on their engagement, Kandi showing off her ring after she was called out for appearing to be hiding it from everyone before the engagement officially became public knowledge. Wendy Williams however had her own thoughts about the engagement news as she slammed Kandi for jumping into things with Todd Tucker too quickly and said that she thought that Todd was an opportunist up to no good. By now, many people have gotten used to Wendy Williams and her often times reckless and offensive commentary, especially the celebrities that she refers to when she does it. Even though she knows quite well about Wendy Williams and her unfiltered comments, Kandi addressed the talk show host’s words during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. And Kandi said that what Wendy Williams had to say about her husband-to-be really got under her skin, Kandi saying that Todd is a great guy who never asks her for a dime of her money:

“That irritates me when Wendy (Williams) says stuff like that. Todd is a really good dude. He makes really good money doing what he does. He doesn’t ask me for anything.”


Wendy also added that she thought Kandi’s engagement was nothing but a stunt as a way to get Kandi and her future husband a spin off show of their own, some more words of Wendy’s that Kandi took offense to:

“I’m kind of offended. What are you trying to say? A guy wouldn’t want to date me? He just couldn’t like me?”


It looked for a minute that Kandi wasn’t going to even acknowledge Wendy’s bashing of her engagement as Kandi’s fans kept tweeting her about it. But with what Wendy said about her and her fiancé, Kandi just couldn’t let that go without saying her piece.


  1. Wendy wasn’t worth a response. But I can imagine how it upset the comments made her. Oh well, I’m still happy for her. People always assume if a woman makes more money than a man then he’s using her. That’s simply not true.

    1. “People always assume if a woman makes more money than a man then he’s using her. That’s simply not true.” >>>> That’s so true!!!

      1. that’s not true at all money doesn’t run everyone. kandi is a great girl, money isn’t the only positive thing about her.

        1. That’s what I was trying to say. I was saying I agreed with the comment above me that just because a woman has money, it doesn’t mean a man wants to use her.

          1. That’s so true. At the rate women are going to college compared to men it will be difficult to find a man that makes more money than you. My boyfriend and I both have college degrees but I still make more than he does, however, I respect him as a man and treat him as such. Plus he has never asked me for a dime. If you have a good man, money isn’t an issue…*side eyes Wendy* isn’t your man broke? You should understand that…

  2. I’m sorry Wendy!!
    I have to say that Im so happy for Kandi and Todd on their newly engagement. She finally found someone special and did’nt have to go thru a slore of men to find him. ( That also makes it special ). To u Wendy! We certainly have not seen you ever prance around hollywood with your fake husband, that no one ever sees.. Be carefull chicky or chicko!!

  3. I stop looking at Wendy Williams a long time ago because I found her to be so fake. She just needs to do her best to prove her and everyone else how wrong they are, and always be happy.

  4. Wendy broke up Tamala Jones on some gossip. She also said that Jennifer Lopez and husband’s break up was publicity stunt. She’s reckless with her mouth and doesn’t fix up her errors. Read this:

  5. Wendy Williams is A Jealous Spirted Hater. I thought she a was man,with her ugly self. She loves to bring other people down, so let me give her a dose of her own medicine- So Fake, so Phony, bad Built Body, Beyounce wannna be,horrible wig wearing, ugly,crazy big bird HATER-back at ya Wendy Williams

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