Erica Mena Taunts Rich Dollaz’s Alleged Baby Mama & Calls Her ‘Nappy’

Photo Credit: @iamerica_mena
Photo Credit: @iamerica_mena

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rich Dollaz is supposed to be in a romantic relationship with his Love and Hip Hop cast member Erica Mena, however, the same night as the premiere, multiple women were claiming that they were sleeping with Rich. One woman in particular even claimed she was in a serious relationship with him up until the premiere of the show, but said she broke up with the reality star once rumors about him being engaged to Erica began to make rounds on the urban gossip blogs. Rich interestingly enough told people he wasn’t engaged to Erica, although Erica continued to post pictures of wedding magazines to her Instagram account. As we recently reported, we’re still not sold that their relationship is real, but more so just one for the cameras like Kenya Moore’s allegedly was with Walter Jackson on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Despite their interesting “relationship,” Rich has been having some real life legal issues and was arrested recently in Memphis because he didn’t show up at a court ordered paternity test. Apparently, there’s a young woman, Chaundrea, who claims Rich is the father of her 13-year-old daughter, and she says Rich has known about the child for years, but had no desire to support the child financially. Now that he’s getting a VH1 check, she wants him to pay up.

It’s rather irresponsible that Rich is trying his hardest to avoid taking the paternity test, but we were pretty disgusted that Erica is taunting her on Twitter as if the situation has anything to do with her. The other day, she even went as far as to ridicule the young woman for having “nappy a*s hair.” She tweeted a photo of the young woman waiting in the courthouse and made fun of her appearance. We’re not sure who took the picture (stalking much?), but peep Erica’s ignorance:

rich dollaz baby mama


Chaundrea made it clear that she didn’t appreciate pictures being taken of her unknowingly, and posted to Twitter (read from the bottom up):


rich dollaz baby mama erica mena beef

From what we know, Rich is still avoiding taking this paternity test by allegedly using fake names every time he travels to promote the show.


  1. Racist b-tch! So she can suck and f-ck black men, but she needs to degrade black women?! I’m about done with this dumb a-s show.

  2. Not cool at all. She’s not even black…how dare her make fun of the texture of the black woman’s hair. I can’t stand Erica and I think I’ll just stop watching and wait for LHHATL with my n*ppy a-s hair. Smh.

  3. Welp, this is what happens when people think no one is watching what they are doing on Twitter. I never liked Erica. I think she’s on drugs and she acts like a horrible person. She needs to get out of Rich’s business. This has nothing to do with her and their fake relationship.

  4. I hate when non black women use the term “nappy” to refer to us. It’s so degrading and racist to me. Erica needs her a-s whooped.

    1. I think erica is really crazy and have mental issues that’s not right to judge on what she’s wearin u was in her shoes before u started screwing everybodys baby dad crazy hoe sumone needs to tear her asd up thinking she tuff.

  5. They are trying so hard to make us care about this wack a-s show. She’s racist and I’m still not watching.

  6. Wow. Makes you not even want to watch the show anymore because it’s supporting this dumb woman’s pockets. Ridiculous.

  7. Why is she even going there when Rich is the dummy who doesn’t want to take a COURT ORDERED paternity test?! She is the biggest bird on the damn show. I wish she would fly away already.

  8. As a black woman who rocks natural hair, I’m highly offended. Nappy isn’t a positive term about our hair. I hate when black people say it. But for a Latina woman to say it is even more offensive. I guess she’s another Latina with the superior complex. They look down on us, but will screw our men with no problems. What an idiot.

  9. Doesn’t Erica’s dumb a-s have a son and a baby’s daddy she doesn’t get along with? So why is she siding with Rich’s neglectful a-s?

  10. As a natural hair DIVA, I’m offended, but I didn’t expect anything less from Erica. She’s ignorant and seems to be high in most of her scenes. The season sucks anyway, so it won’t be too hard for me to stop watching. Thanks for giving me another reason to give up this show, Erica.

  11. But how do you date a man who is running away from a paternity test? Lmao, she’s so damn stupid. Where the hell does Mona get some of these people? From the damn trash can?

  12. When will this BIRD ever fly away?!!!!!!!!! I’d rather have nappy hair than pretend to f-ck BROKE DOLLAZ for a ghetto a-s reality show. She’s so miserable she’s probably snorting coke between takes. She was acting high as hell during that club “beef” scene. She’s going to pop off with the wrong person and get her a-s whooped.

  13. How do you disrespect the very group of people that watch your crappy show? I’m def done and only watching LHHATL now. At least there are multiple black women on that show and I don’t have to worry about what they are calling me behind my back for not wanting to straighten my hair or go after the European look with a relaxer.

  14. Oh ok cool. So….what are we watching now on Monday nights? I’m done too. Tell me some good shows if you know any. Peace.

  15. SMH. Can this heffa get any more ignorant? How are you mad at the woman who is just trying to get the man to take care of his responsibilities? And the disrespect to black women just further proves that she thinks she’s superior because she has straight hair and more European features.

    1. She dont have more european features many Africans have straight nose and soft hair too and they are in n way european.

  16. I saw her tweet this! Thank you for posting this. I want people to see what Erica really thinks about black women, the same group of women that make up the majority of the show’s viewership. I’m done watching as well.

  17. Are people even still watching this show? I stopped after the first episode. It’s terrible and the cast sucks. Join me and get back into scripted TV. It’s way better than this crap.

  18. Please bring back Chrissy and Jim Jones. I’m with Game, I can’t stand this show and she was calling people ninjas on the last one. Clearly she has a problem with black woman but will sleep with black men. smh at these stupid black men. This is what you get!

  19. She’s a mess. What woman/mother would be mad at another woman/mother who is trying to get her child’s father to do the right thing? And who would support a man who is running around hiding from taking a paternity test that is court ordered? It’s clear he’s the DONOR and he has known for a long time that he’s the DONOR. But, Erica is no kind of MOTHER cause she don’t even have her own child with her, so I can believe she would support a loser like Rich.

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