Gabrielle Union is Tired of People Thinking Dwyane Wade Pays Her Bills

Photo Credit: @gabunion Instagram
Photo Credit: @gabunion Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Gabrielle Union became a recognized name in the movie industry after playing a cheer captain with a feisty attitude in the movie Bring It On. And as most people know her as an actress, she has know become widely known as the girlfriend of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. Their union has sparked much controversy as it was said that Gabrielle Union broke up Dwyane Wade’s marriage to his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, something that the actress still denies doing to this day. And one of the latest gossip bits about their relationship revealed some pretty scandalous things as it was said that their bedroom activity allegedly involved one of Dwyane Wade’s jump-offs. Despite it all, Gabrielle Union and D Wade have continued to show off their love for each other, even though they are not ready to walk down the aisle as of yet. Having an NBA player on her arm, many would think that Gabrielle Union wants for nothing at all and that Dwyane Wade is the one who takes care of her bills as it is thought that women who date professional athletes don’t come out of their pockets to pay for anything, even if they have a career of their own going. Gabrielle Union however says that is not the case when it comes to her as she makes it clear that her father has been the only man in her life that has ever taken care of her financially:

“Common misunderstanding but the ONLY man to EVER pay my bills was my dad & that stopped at 18”


Before making things clear that she holds her own self down and doesn’t look to Dwyane Wade to pay her bills, Gabrielle checked someone for trying to come for her, pulling a “Kenya Moore“:


gabrielle union twitter


Gabrielle Union has said before that the homewrecker label that has been attached to her name ever since she started dating D Wade took a toll on her career yet in the same breath, she acknowledged the fact that she is the one that takes care of her family with the money that she makes.


    1. She cares. She’s human and too many people think the worst of her. I just want her to upgrade her acting skills because it seems like she plays the same role in every movie she’s in. No range whatsoever.

    1. first of all you gtta check the man she didn’t put no gun to his head and tell him to leave his wife that was his choice how dare you people want to down talk down on her that’s the problem with dumb minded people you are quick to bash the women in this case but will let your man go freely to do anything again to your stupid a-s……

  1. Sigh…she’s worried about the wrong things. She needs to ignore her mentions and focus on her acting career. It’s not all that great because she’s more concerned with Dwyane Wade’s game schedule.

  2. If she pays her own bills, good for her. She should. She’s not a married woman and D Wade isn’t obligated to provide for her. So many women need to understand this.

  3. Gabby didnt break up dwades marriage. Sio and dwade did that. People that are still calling her homewrecker are tired of their pathetic lives so they got to call names. I beleive she dont care but as with anyone else, keep hearing the same thing over and over, you will respond to it to.

    1. I assume that comment was for me…next time you should click on the reply and have a little more courage. Lastly, I’m a happily married woman who is happy enough that I too can express my opinions about a woman who had no business messing with a married man. It’s actually pathetic to call someone pathetic because they don’t agree with you…

      1. Oh girl BYE! You’re off topic. This post was about her paying her own bills, and you should at least commend her for that.

      2. I’m with you anonymous! SHE’S A HOMEWRECKER. Any woman who messes with a man before they are officially divorced is a homewrecker. Separated is not divorce boo boo.

    2. I like Gabby, but people have a right to their opinions about her and D Wade’s relationship. What was put out by his ex wife and others is fair game. But to call people pathetic because you disagree is immature to me. People can agree to disagree, it’s not our lives at the end of the day, so why the personal attacks?

  4. I really don’t think Wade is paying her way at all. These women need to stop with the shots at her on Twitter. It’s lame.

    1. Don’t troll. Women of all races generally do NOT like women who have been accused of being homewreckers. It’s disgraceful. Don’t make this a race issue and stop getting butt hurt about other people’s opinions of a celebrity.

      1. “Butt hurt?” This shows your lack of knowledge and ability to properly express your feelings. It’s comical how these women keep hating on another black woman. This is the last time I checked and most articles deal with black people. These people are happy, move on. Find your happiness and you wouldn’t care what Wade and Union are doing. Last time I checked, this couple is wealthy, successful, and happy. Please find and keep yours instead of being jealous.

        1. If you’re impressed by D Wade & Gabrielle Union, you may need to raise your standards. Frankly, I don’t idolize or find myself “jealous” over a couple that started dating when one person was married. The fact that you think it’s cute is laughable but it is your right to admire who you choose. Meanwhile, I’m admiring couples like Michelle & Barack Obama. You know, two INTELLIGENT black people who began dating when they were single. They were broke together and achieved the ultimate dream! Gabby and D Wade only have money and fame, but their reputations leave much to be desired. I don’t want to be like them, MY standards are actually higher. But it is MY opinion that the way they started dating was wrong, and I don’t have to praise them because YOU think it’s cute. I won’t call anyone names, but I don’t support them and that’s my right. Not everyone who refuses to support someone is jealous. People support who they want & it’s usually people they relate to. I just can’t relate to their situation. But sometimes people see things differently than you do, and we are entitled to. I don’t agree with you that anyone against them is jealous, that’s just a juvenile assumption to make in my opinion. No disrespect, I just wanted to add MY two cents. Thank you for the dialogue. Lol. 😉

          PS. I love this site BTW. 🙂 🙂

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