K. Michelle is Still Snatching Wigs

Photo Credit: @kmichellemusic Instagram
Photo Credit: @kmichellemusic Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle surely isn’t one to hold back her feelings. The reality star and R&B singer has no qualms about putting folks in their places on her Twitter account daily and even drags her own Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast mates in her interviews. Unfortunately for K. Michelle’s fans, even they are not exempt from being dragged by the singer if they say something she doesn’t like. Recently, she embarrassed one of her fans who told her they felt she was too talented to behave the way she does on the social networks. Even though K. Michelle knows she’s not always striking a good chord with her supporters for things she’s saying on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, she has no plans to change her behavior for anyone.

And the other day, K, Michelle managed to embarrass yet another person for attempting to try her in person.

We’re not sure if this was just an honest mistake from a person who had no idea what K. Michelle looks like in person or if this young woman was trying to shade and K. Michelle promptly snatched her wig off, but a recent outing for the singer turned ratchet quickly after someone walked up to her and made comments she didn’t appreciate.

Apparently, a young woman walked up to K. Michelle and told the reality star that she “looked like a much prettier K. Michelle.” Either she had no idea she was actually talking to K. Michelle or she threw some shade and failed but K. Michelle’s response was priceless (read the tweets from bottom to top):

k michelle disses fan


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