50 Cent Thinks Rick Ross’ Drive By Situation Was Staged

Photo Credit: Burning Karma
Photo Credit: Burning Karma

By: Taren Vaughan

Does 50 Cent have something to say about Rick Ross drive-by shooting incident? Rick Ross has been making much noise in the rap game as he and MMG have been holding their own and being one of the most talked about crews in Hip-Hop. While many bob their heads to the tracks that Ross puts out, the rapper has always been given the side eye after it was revealed through an old photo that he was a former correctional officer before he became a big time rapper and has caused his street cred to be challenged over his past affiliation with the law. Whether Rick Ross is as “gangsta” as he claims to be, those who are truly about that life have come for Ross in the form of videos, threatening the rapper for using their gang’s symbols without their permission. And their threats were said to be the reason why Ross decided to cancel the remaining shows on his tour. Rick Ross however brushed off the threats as nothing serious to worry about and claimed that the threats were not the reason behind the cancellation of the concerts. Things just got real though for “The Boss” yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as things have gone far beyond just mere threats.

It was reported yesterday that Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce into a building in an attempt to dodge bullets as he was said to be the victim in a drive-by shooting. Ross and his girlfriend were in the vehicle at the time of the incident yet neither one of them suffered any injuries. And of all the days that this could have gone down on, it happened on Ross’ birthday. The news of the crash and drive-by shooting that Rick Ross was involved in got mixed feelings out of people as some feel bad for what happened to the rapper while others feel as though this his karma for trying to portray a “gangsta image”. 50 Cent however, who was shot nine times before gaining his fame, believes the whole Rick Ross shooting to be a staged event, clearly finding humor in what happened (read from the bottom up):


50 cent rick ross shooting

50 cent rick ross shooting


The beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross goes back to 2009 when Rick Ross put out his single ‘Mafia Music’ where he took shots at 50. And with judging by 50’s reaction to the shooting incident involving Ross and the shade that Rick Ross threw at 50 not too long ago, their beef is still alive and well.


  1. Honestly a lot of people are thinking it was staged. I mean I read somewhere where the shooter shot at the car 20 times. How do you miss when you’re right next to your target?

  2. 50 is the biggest hater out there…he is so damn annoying…no wonder he has been shot or shot at so many time the man can’t keep his mouth shut!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why would he fake something like that though? The story doesn’t make Rick Ross look good, it makes him look pretty pathetic. I doubt he staged anything. It’s more possible that the shooter WANTED to miss him and they only wanted to scare him/send a message.

    1. This isn’t staged. Idk how people can be so dumb. NO ONE STAGES AN EVENT THAT MAKES THEM LOOK BAD.

      I remember seeing your comment in the “Rapper Game says all men cheat”. All of the butthurt women called him “gay”. I guess it’s true, women really are illogical adult children who run on emotion

  4. Oh please MMG is the hottest in the rap game. 50 is a lame duck right now and he grasping at whatever straw he can get. So you ride like Obama and you bulletproof – careful what you say bro! Biggie was bulletproof too and look what happened.

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    Also, google “young men are giving up on marriage”. It’s a popular article. Men’s interest in marriage is at an all-time low

    **This wasn’t staged. Ross was just threatened for faking his image

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