Phaedra Parks & Apollo Release Trailer for Their ‘Donkey Booty’ DVD

Photo Credit: Phine Body
Photo Credit: Phine Body

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Phaedra Parks is still holding on to her title as the prominent business woman on Real Housewives of Atlanta, as the reality star has embarked on yet another business venture. This time Phaedra and her husband Apollo have their sights set on creating their own fitness DVD empire, and Phaedra is posed to make her “Donkey Booty” series one a very profitable business idea. However, things haven’t gone so smoothly as Phaedra did consider using new RHOA costar Kenya Moore’s services to distribute the video. Things didn’t work out and things between the two ladies got ugly when the deal fell through. Ever since Phaedra decided to use another distribution company, she and Kenya have been taking shots at each other and keeping up the drama on the show. Despite that, as we recently reported, Phaedra’s workout DVD is doing quite well on Amazon and was officially listed on the website as a bestseller.

Now that Phaedra and Apollo’s Donkey Booty/Phine Body DVD is doing well, the couple has decided to release a trailer for their workout series.

In the promotional video, the couple explains why their workout plan is beneficial.

Phaedra explains the title of the DVD:

“I think Phine Body encompasses everything. Fine, high energy but also, a rigorous exercise. So you’re going to enjoy yourself. You want to be playful but you also want to see a change in your body.”


Apollo suggests what parts of your body will benefit from the workout:

“From the workout that was designed, women are going to get that curvaceous look that they are wanting. You’re going to have more definition in your quads and your thighs, your calf muscles. Also you’re going to see more firmness in your abdominals. So I think it’s going to bring that slender look to a woman and pick her her posterior and derriere up. And give her that nice curve that she’s desiring.”


Phaedra also makes it clear that a “donkey booty” is a firm one:

“When I talk about a donkey booty, that is a firm peachy booty. It’s not shaking, it’s not jiggling. It stands at attention.”


Check out the trailer below:


  1. Maybe it’s me but Phaedra does not have a donkey booty or any booty that a woman would disire to have, I think people just like to see Apollo work out! lol

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