Carlos King Says Phaedra Parks Has Married 2 Med OGs in Check + Mariah Huq Agrees?

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Mariah Huq has been on the minds of “Married to Medicine” fans.

Married to Medicine” creator Mariah Huq was a hot topic on social media recently. The first part of her interview with Carlos King went viral. Since the current season of the show is very controversial, people wanted to hear what Mariah thought about the ousting of Quad Webb. Mariah said Quad was treated unfairly. She didn’t like seeing someone be iced out of the group like she was years ago. In fact, Mariah now sees a pattern. She believes the other women are often used to possibly do the dirty work of the producers. And she thinks her former costars can act like mean girls to cast members they don’t want on the show.

At the end of part 1 of the interview, Carlos told Mariah he heard that Dr. Jackie Walters is the “true villain” of the show. And she agreed.

Well, the rest of the interview was uploaded to Carlos’ YouTube channel hours ago. Part 2 of Carlos’ interview with Mariah picks up on this question.

Mariah Huq thinks Dr. Jackie Walters is protected by “Married to Medicine” cast and producers.

On Jackie, Mariah said, “She’s just always been so horrible to me. I loved Jackie. I always loved her, looked up to her. And I thought…it was my fault. We talked about this one time at a reunion. She said, ‘It’s not my fault that you looked up to me. You did that.’ She was right.”

Mariah continued, “She just never cared for me. The first time she came in my house she didn’t even speak to me. Go back to season one. She just from day one did not care for me…she was really rude…you know how some older people…my mom would say this to me. Some older people, older women, don’t respect younger, successful, women or something. I don’t know. I don’t really know what it is…I just assumed it was something she was dealing with in her own life. But I know how she feels about the other women because of how she treated me. It slowly but surely kind of seeps through if you just really watch. Yeah.”

Carlos asked, “When it comes to the show, do you feel like they protect her?”

Mariah answered, “They do, they do. Like what’s going on in her marriage right now? Like this is ‘Married to Medicine.’ And a lot of the story of this show is how hard it is for the husbands who are married to these successful Black doctors. Let’s talk about it because the world sometimes minimizes Black men as coaches like Dr. Curtis, as successful marketing reps like Simone’s husband Cecil.”

She added, “As successful as they are, it’s not enough for the world sometimes. So I think seeing that is important. And why hide it? If it was Toya they wouldn’t hide it.”

Phaedra Parks is getting an easy ride on “Married to Medicine” according to Carlos King.

Mariah went on, “If it was me, they wouldn’t hide it. Why hide that? Like it’s real. It’s why you’re on a show. You can’t just show the bits and pieces that work for you. You have to show the real ****. And I would say that to them and honestly, it humanizes them.”

Phaedra Parks‘ addition to the show was also discussed. Carlos and Mariah feel Phaedra isn’t adding anything and is just there for the check.

Carlos threw a little shade at the “Married to Medicine” OGs as well. He suspects they may be too starstruck to challenge Phaedra about anything.

“She is there for the paycheck. And what makes it more infuriating to me, you girls have been there for ten seasons. And you are going to war with the people you started with from you to Quad…and I know that it’s different wars, right? Y’all let her get by so easily. Some of y’all look like fans.”

He added, “Some of y’all are starstruck.”

Mariah also said it seemed strange that Phaedra was not asked about her fallout with Kandi Burruss. This is when Carlos said that Phaedra allegedly wasn’t having any of that.

“Heavenly did say that she gave Phaedra a heads up that hey they want me to bring up Kandi. She gave her a heads up, she said this publicly. And that Phaedra allegedly called the production and the network using curse words…”

Is Phaedra Parks intimidating to the “Married to Medicine” OGs?

This was also strange to Mariah.

“But doesn’t it strike you as odd Heavenly of all people…do you think she’s giving Sweet Tea heads up? Why would she give Phaedra a heads-up on anything? They are not friends, they don’t have history, so is it her reputation? Was it that she’s Phaedra? To me that speaks volumes. Why would she call Phaedra? I don’t get that. Why would she do that?”

Carlos responded, “Phaedra has got on that show and ran it.”

As the conversation continued, Carlos asked if it was time for some of the OGs to exit “Married to Medicine.”

Mariah answered, “Absolutely, absolutely. I think they’ve gotten very complacent. I think that just like medicine, the shows have to evolve. And it’s not evolving. It’s not. And then even when they bring on new people they stunt their growth. They won’t allow them to…”

Carlos added, “…prosper.”

Mariah continued, “At all. They block them and I don’t understand. It is a good show but it would be an amazing show if the producers just take their hand out of it and just let them ladies live.”

The producers allegedly meddle too much, “If you just let it happen the way it’s supposed to, not tell people who to be friends with, who to ice out then I think things will happen the way they’re supposed to.”


  1. This interview was so good. Mariah still has better ideas and a better understanding of what’s best for the show than the production company and network. But they couldn’t wait to get rid of her. Fools.

    1. Mariah is telling it all. It doesn’t take much to see Jackie is the chief and Heavenly is number one henchman. In order to protect Jackie and Curtis the show is going down hill. Jackie has been snide, mean, disrespectful and rude to non doctors, including Heavenly who she called obese.

  2. People don’t want to admit it but a lot of the RHOA fan favorites are boring now. They’re too arrogant to be good television now. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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