50 Cent’s Album Gets Pushed Back?

Photo Credit: Top Streetwear
Photo Credit: Top Streetwear

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper 50 Cent has become more known for his beefs than his music these days as the former G-Unit leading man has pretty much beefed with everyone at this point of his career. 50 has never really been the type of person to hold back how he feels about anyone, and as a result, he’s primarily known for Twitter beefing with other rappers and even taking these physical when he sees said rappers in person. In most cases, 50 just seems like a heartless dude, and even his ex girlfriend Ciara admitted that she felt his emotional issues and inability to let his guard down for her was one of the reasons their relationship didn’t last.

Regardless, it did seem like 50 has been too busy with his business ventures to get back serious with his music career, but it’s clear now that he is getting serious again as he has a current hit out with Justin Timberlake. In between ranting on Twitter about how he feels Rick Ross’ drive by situation was staged, he is supposed to be set to drop another album. However, rumors suggest his label Interscope has pushed his album back.

According to All Hip Hop:

Did 50 Cent get pushed back?

Oddly, 50 Cent is to release his Street King Immortal around the same time Ja Rule was to get released from jail, Feb. 26. But sources are suggesting that the final album that will free 50 Cent from Interscope will pushed back again. Again? With a hit record with Eminem and Adam Levine? I dunno. This could be a sabotage! They just wanna keep him on the label. Chief Keef ain’t selling diamond!


Some rumors even suggest that 50’s album might be getting pushed back because the public’s interest for the rapper just isn’t there anymore.


  1. If 50 is so rich, he should just buy himself out of the recording contract. He doesn’t seem to really be passionate about rapping anymore.

  2. Well, I guess I’m the only one that really wants 50 to succeed on here. I just want him to stop twitter beefing, because it makes him look wack.

      1. So you’re calling people on here haters but you’re not going to acknowledge the fact that 50 is the biggest hater in the business? I don’t like him because he spent most of his career picking on people and HATING on them. And that’s why people don’t like him. But I guess you don’t mind that…you just have a problem with the “handful” of haters on here. #hypocrite

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