Rich Dollaz Says He’s Not a Deadbeat Dad & Erica Mena’s Not on Drugs

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Rich Dollaz has returned for another season of Love and Hip Hop. And with his return came a crazy amount of drama for the music producer as he has gotten a lot closer to cast mate Erica Mena on this season of the show. So close even that it was rumored that the two had gotten engaged prior to the airing of this season’s first episode. Rich Dollaz denied the engagement rumors and looked to be denying that he had a romantic relationship with Erica altogether, driving Erica to attempt to put Rich on blast for fronting about what they have going on, posting topless pictures of herself laying in bed with Rich, making them look very much like a couple. Rumors surrounding him and Erica Mena’s relationship were the least of Rich’s concerns though as he was arrested on camera while at a talent show in Memphis for not making a scheduled appearance in court. In an interview that he did with Hot 97, Rich Dollaz was asked about his numerous arrests that people have been buzzing about. According to Rich though, he was not arrested multiple times and the late release of video footage is to blame for people thinking that. He also addressed the reason behind his arrest, saying that it had to do with the paternity hearing that he was supposed to go to and missed, his alleged baby mama being the one who called the cops on him:

“The video that’s out is that same arrest. I went to Memphis to host a showcase…The girl brought the cops to the hotel room…I had missed the date for a paternity, that I didn’t get. They admitted that I didn’t get because they were sending it to the wrong address. So obviously when you do that, a warrant is issued. So when you go in town, she brought the cops to the hotel, I get arrested. So then I go in there, real quick in and out. I go, I get my hearing and I get ROR. I get released on my own recognizance and the judge is like ‘Go about your business’.”


The drama that he has going on with his alleged baby mama, whom Erica Mena got a kick out of taunting, over the paternity of the child that they allegedly have together has painted Rich Dollaz as a deadbeat dad. Rich says though in order to be a deadbeat dad, you would have to actually be proven to be the father first:

“I had a hearing, went back for the hearing, they give you a date and everybody’s like ‘Yo, you a deadbeat’. But you can’t be a deadbeat without having established paternity. That’s all I’ma say about that.”


Rich also adds that his alleged child is 12 years old and he thinks that the talk of paternity has come up now because of his current gig with Love and Hip Hop yet lets it be known that he will take care of the child if test results prove that he is the father.

Erica Mena shortly came up into conversation as Rich was questioned about whether or not they were in a relationship. After admitting that he had those moments with her that made him look “corny” on TV, Rich simply says:

“I’m just tryna get through this show at this point.”


While Rich didn’t respond with a concrete “Yes” or “No” to the question of dating Erica, he did dish on when they decided to become more serious with each other, despite the fact that people still aren’t buying their relationship:

“It actually happened through working. We all hung out on February, whatever that was, 40/40. We started working together. She had moved to New York. That’s when I was trying to figure out what was going on with her.”


And he also says that when it comes to her music, Erica probably won’t be taken seriously starting out and that modeling is more up her alley.

Rich Dollaz has admitted that he mixed business with pleasure when it came to Erica Mena and says that she can be a’ firecracker’ at times. But he assures that those raged-filled moments that she has are not because she is on drugs:

“Nah…She is definitely a firecracker. She definitely is a fiery Latina. But no, Erica is not on drugs. I’ve never even seen Erica do the socially acceptable stuff.”


Peep Rich Dollaz’s interview with Hot 97 below:


  1. I stopped watching this show after yall posted Erica calling a black chick’s hair nappy. I’m just holding off until LHHATL.

  2. If Erica isn’t on drugs and she really acts like that, that is the saddest thing I’ve heard in a while. LOL.

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