Raqi Thunda Confirms Love & Hip Hop is Scripted

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Love and Hip Hop scripted? As we recently reported, it appears that the people on season three of Love and Hip Hop are more interesting away from the cameras as the real controversy has happened off film. Rich Dollaz is currently going through a rather nasty situation involving a paternity test, Mandeecees Harris has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor, and Consequence and his girlfriend Jen the Pen dropped a dime on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s messy ways a couple of weeks ago. But it would be last night’s episode that would cause Raqi Thunda to take to her Twitter account and drop a little tea in the middle of her rant about her confrontation with Jen the Pen.

On last night’s episode, Raqi and Jen the Pen got into a heated argument after Raqi appeared to flirt with a rapper during their joint audition for a New York radio station. Both Raqi and Jen are supposed to be trying to get back on the radio. However, they were specifically told not to flirt with the rapper that they would be interviewing.

In the middle of the argument, Jen the Pen told Raqi that she would get on eventually because she is white. This comment from Jen has caused people to label her as a racist. Jen denied being racist, but that didn’t stop Raqi from going off.

Here’s Jenn’s tweets about the situation. Read from the bottom up:

jen the pen raqi thunda beef


Raqi goes off and admitted that she just met Jen at filming and that the tramp rep she has on the show was invented by the producers to create drama. Peep the tweets (read from the bottom up):


raqi thunda jen the pen

jen the pen raqi thunda twitter beef

raqi thunda jen the pen beef


We already told you that we weren’t buying Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz’s “relationship” and we feel that Tahiry and Joe Budden are also putting on for the cameras as well. But this wouldn’t be the first time Mona has been said to create a fake storyline for ratings, we did hear that Lil Scrappy and Erica faked most of their storyline for the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.


  1. there is one thing i knew before watching many of these shows, its that i have no tolerance for men whom are unable to see themselves clear of women day to day dramas. Watch LHH have reconfirmed that men like Joe Buddens and the Consequences appear beyond weak for involving themselves in a chick fight… I am very disappointed at both men especially Cons. I wanted to believe he was above the manipulation of his “wifeys” whimpering and entitlements. I guess he is as unconscious as the rest… Oh so sad

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