Kim Kardashian Sees Drop in Ratings Thanks to Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s pretty obvious that the star of season five of Real Housewives of Atlanta is without a doubt housewife newbie Kenya Moore. Kenya keeps the drama going on the show with her multiple beefs with the other housewives, not to mention her alleged fake relationship with on-screen beau Walter Jackson. Walter claims that the relationship he had with Kenya on the show was just for the cameras and even claims that Kenya asked him to fake things so she could secure her spot on the show. Although Kenya denied Walter’s claims, Walter is trying to do everything he can to get an invite to the upcoming reunion show and he plans to provide evidence to show that he was telling the truth. Despite that, Kenya has moved on and her new target for controversy on the show is currently Phaedra Parks thanks to a potential business deal turned sour.

As we recently reported, the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is at an all time high, and Bravo executives believe Kenya Moore may be the cause in the surge in ratings. But now it appears that Kenya Moore may have done more than peak ratings for RHOA. Now it’s being suggested that she might have even “dethroned” Kim Kardashian.

According to recent reports, Kim’s new show with her sister Kourtney premiered at disappointing numbers, and it appears that Kenya Moore and the rest of the Atlanta housewives won the battle in viewership.

Here’s the report from LALate:

Kenya Moore antics on RHOA are substantially hurting Kim Kardashian’s TV ratings reign. Kenya Moore’s workout video, Stallion Fitness, dominated most of the storylines during last week’s RHOA telecast. And while Kenya’s confrontation with the other housewives proved explosive during the final minutes of the Bravo hour, the real shocker wasn’t for a housewife but for a Kardashian.

In battling against RHOA, Kardashian’s “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” season two debuted to disappointing ratings. The show posted a 2.2 overall ratings share. While still a strong number for Sunday night, the show was substantially down form the KKUWTK finale of season seven. That telecast drew an impressive 3.6 million viewers.

Several months ago, E! executives told news that they Kardashian shows could still deliver their high numbers. That was not the case last Sunday. Instead, RHOA last week delivered an impressive 3.25 ratings share last week.


  1. People are tired of Kim and her family. The sad part is now her mom has a talk show coming out. We won’t be able to get rid of them just yet. Smh.

  2. The more popular Kenya gets, the more opportunities she will get. And then she’ll become just as boring as NeNe is now on the show.

  3. Black Women ROCK!!!! Kenya Moore Is Out Rating the Kim Kardashian Reality Show. Perhaps because they are Old, Talentless, and the TV Viewers are simply Tired of the No Talented Kardashians. All they do Is go find a Famous Black Man with Raw Talent to Piggy back off. Look at Kim Kardashian getting Pregnant by Kanye West. How Long do you think Kanye West is going to be around? Maybe just long enough for Kim Kardashian to have that Baby, and then he is back off into his Own Music World. Reports are now saying that Kanye West Is trying to actually Distant himself from Pregnant Kim Kardashian. Wow!!!!!

    And lets Not forget Lamar Odom Has filed a Trial Separation from Loser Khloe Kardashian who can’t seem to Keep a Job and now She is Fired from the “X-Factor. Poor thing can’t Win for Losing.

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