Lil Wayne Gets Sued Over Alleged Skateboard Attack

Photo Credit: RJ
Photo Credit: RJ

By: Taren Vaughan

Lil’ Wayne skateboard attack getting him sued? Lil’ Wayne has managed to have a pretty solid career as a solo artist and has been in the rap game for years now, starting out as a member of the Hot Boys clique alongside Juvenile, B.G. and Turk. Though music is by far his first love, Lil’ Wayne announced to his fans that he has a new found love for skateboarding and was even thinking about quitting music to dedicate all of his attention to it. You can even catch Wayne skateboarding in music videos now as it has become a big hobby of his. Even though some members of the skateboarding crews don’t like Wayne too much, he has kept at it in addition to working on his new music. But Wayne’s new hobby appeared to have gotten him in trouble last year when a fan of his claimed that he was hit in the head with a skateboard by a member of Wayne’s entourage after he tried to take a picture of the rapper. Now Alfredo Marino, the man who alleges that he got hit with the skateboard, is set to sue the rapper over the injuries that he received during the incident. Although Marino is not claiming that Lil’ Wayne was actually the one who struck him in the head with the skateboard, he does feel as though the rapper and his record label were the ones behind allowing the attacker to hit him:

Marino claims he suffered a severe injury to his melon from the incident — and  is pointing the finger at Wayne and Wayne’s record label because he believes  they were responsible for enabling the attacker.

There has been no word as of yet from Lil’ Wayne’s camp on the matter.


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