Chad Johnson Moves on from Evelyn, Sets Sights on Journalist?

Photo Credit: @ochocinco Instagram
Photo Credit: @ochocinco Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada ended on a rather terrible note, and the twosome quickly separated after Chad head-butted Evelyn during a heated argument over a box of condoms. Although Chad has made it known several times publicly that he wants to reconcile with Evelyn and give their romance another chance; Chad still finds time to spend with new chicks. As a result of Chad continuing his bachelor ways, Evelyn has found herself in numerous Twitter beefs with his latest flings. Chad may be entertaining other women from time to time, but a recent appearance made by the former couple at a charity event made people think they could be on the verge of getting back together. However, Evelyn took to her personal blog to set the record straight and suggested that they were no where near getting back together.

Welp, perhaps Chad has gotten weary from trying to get Evelyn back because the latest gossip suggests he’s been actively pursuing TV meteorologist Jennifer Reeves. And according to reports, like Chad she is also newly separated.

Here’s the report from Gossip Extra:

“Reeves, 31, filed for divorce in a Broward County court Jan. 23, less than two years after she was married in her native Louisiana.

“And already, ex-Miami Dolphins receiver Johnson is asking her out, according to NBC 6 insiders.

“Reeves and her husband separated in August, and she filed a simplified form for folks with no children together and no property.

“Within days, however, the Twitter account of fellow NBC 6 hottie Christina Hernandez, a friend of the wide receiver formerly known as Ochocinco, was inundated with Johnson’s questions about Reeves’ availability!”


Here’s a photo of Jennifer:


Photo Credit: NBC6
Photo Credit: NBC6


If this is true, it won’t be the first time Chad has used Twitter for hookups. He also met and began dating someone on the site that Evelyn ended up beefing with a couple of months ago.


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