Kenya Moore Says She’s Done Chasing Men

Photo Credit: OK! Magazine
Photo Credit: OK! Magazine

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Kenya Moore dating again? Former Miss USA winner Kenya Moore may be the breakout star of season five of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but that didn’t happen without some controversy. Kenya was introduced by the franchise as a successful business woman who moved to Atlanta to be with her long distance lover Walter Jackson. However, the chemistry between these two on-screen was lacking, so no one was really surprised when Walter told an Atlanta radio station that Kenya had asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend for the cameras. Kenya of course denied the claims made by Walter, but even her costars including NeNe Leakes believe Walter was telling the truth. Kenya may have broken things off with Walter on the show, but he is diligently trying to convince Bravo execs to allow him to appear on the Reunion show and prove that he’s not lying about his “arrangement” with Kenya.

Kenya has moved on from the situation and she now claims that she is dating again. In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, she even claims that she is now done with chasing men.

She says:

“I am dating right now. I am very single. And I am Gone With the Wind fabulous. And I’m excited actually. I feel like a big, heavy burden has been lifted for me. I’ve been on a reality TV show and stripped naked basically and showing all kinds of sides to me that I have never shown before. And being vulnerable in that process. And that’s not easy to do. And to live on a show where millions of people can judge you and criticize you and say, ‘Oh you shouldn’t have done that,’ or ‘You should have done this, and girl you’re stupid, Oh, you’re weak, you’re desperate.’ And I feel like now that I got it, I may be a fool for love but I’m not a fool. I will get it and I learned my lesson. And I feel like that burden has been lifted off of me. Now I feel like all of my positive blessings that are really meant for me will come my way.

“No more chasing a man for me. That’s not a good look.”


In related news, it’s rumored that Kenya Moore is set to appear on a new dating show that will be premiering on Bravo. On the show, many men will be competing for Kenya’s heart reportedly.


    1. If she doesn’t pay, who is going to date her? She has too much drama for a man who wants a good relationship.

  1. LOL this chick is so funny to me. She chased a man on TV because she had to pay him to be there. Maybe it was worth it considering that she will most likely be back next season.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it to tarnish her own legacy. Maybe she needed the money but she really has made a fool of herself on national TV. There’s no going back from this.

  3. This nutcase bests be glad the ratings for the show are increasing otherwise she would be gone. I really can’t stand this heifer.

  4. GONE WITH WIND CRAZY……any sane man is gonna run for cover…..She has shown the world her maddness…..WHAT’S NEXT????

  5. So I guess she’s scouting out her next pretend boyfriend on the dating show so she can keep her spot on RHOA. Hopefully she’ll fill him in on her plans for marriage and a baby. SMH.

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