K. Michelle Has a New Man?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Does K. Michelle have a new manK. Michelle is one reality television star that has used her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stardom to get her music career on track. Although the singer revealed on the first season of the show that her past with Memphitz and negative reputation in the industry was hindering her from progressing, things can’t look any brighter for her. Despite whatever folks in the industry thought about her, K. Michelle did manage to ink a record deal with Warner Bros. a few months ago. She’s been diligently working hard on her upcoming studio album which is rumored to drop this Summer, as well as landing magazine covers. However, K. Michelle’s love life hasn’t been as successful as her career is posed to be.

K. Michelle’s last public romance was with basketball star J.R. Smith. What seemed promising between the two went sour the first time when K. Michelle saw him flirting with other women on his Twitter account. She called things off with him shortly after that, but later believed she may have overreacted and asked him to give her a second chance in her interviews.

After being spotted in a club kissing, things went sour again, and J.R. basically told his followers on Twitter that they never had anything serious and K. Michelle was never his girlfriend. Both took to Twitter to shade each other, confirming that their romance was over once again.

K. Michelle seems to have learned a lot from her past romance with the basketball player because she is keeping her new boo secret. After telling her followers that a special man got her sunflowers the other day, she told a fan that she would keep the identity of this man to herself thanks to her situation with J.R (read from the bottom up):

k. michelle new man


After how terribly things ended with J.R. Smith, we can’t say we blame her for keeping her love life private these days.


  1. Good for her! It’s best to keep a relationship to yourself until you know it’s real. She went public with J.R. Smith too fast.

  2. I honestly don’t think things didn’t work out with J.R. Smith because she claimed him on Twitter. I think it didn’t work out because he was a douche and was before she met him. He’s the same one who tweeted a pic of Tahiry’s naked booty for the world to see while they were dating. He’s not a good dude.

    1. I really agree with you. I think if a guy isn’t worth keeping around, that will be revealed with or without Twitter. Claiming people isn’t the problem. It’s who we claim or go public with.

      1. Cosign. It’s kind of like when people blame Facebook for breakups. A social network can’t break people up. People break people up. And in this case, he was the root of most of their problems. If she reveals this new guy or not, his character determines how far things will go.

  3. She probably needs to calm down some if she wants to have a serious relationship. She’s a bit of a hothead. That’s not attractive to a real man.

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