Kenya Moore is Disappointed Other ‘Housewives’ Didn’t Reach out After Cancer Scare

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore is the breakout star of season five of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Although Kenya is one of two newbie housewives, she has managed to remain at the center of most of the season’s most dramatic moments. Whether it is her onscreen beefs with Porsha Stewart, Cynthia Bailey, and now Phaedra Parks; Kenya’s over the top antics are the cause of the show’s big bump in ratings. The show has even managed to dethrone Kim Kardashian’s reign in reality television, and now it’s even rumored that everyone will see an increase in their salaries thanks to the season’s success.

Kenya was able to quickly bounce back from her issues with Walter Jackson, and despite Walter’s claims that their relationship was just for the cameras; it appears that Bravo plans to keep the new reality star around longer than one season. On the last episode of RHOA, Kenya had what she calls a “cancer scare” after a doctor visit reveals that she had lumps. Kenya later found out that she is indeed breast cancer free, and we even told you that we heard Kenya made more out of the situation for camera time and so she could get sympathy from viewers after being such a mean girl for most of the season.

Regardless, Kenya Moore claims she’s disappointed that her fellow cast mates didn’t reach out to her after they learned about her cancer scare.

She writes in her Bravo blog:

“I was disappointed when none of my cast mates reached out to me after learning of my ordeal when many viewers did. Whether or not I am your favorite or least favorite person, the bond that we all have is that we are women first. I’m a woman before I am any other identifying marker such as race, social status, popularity, occupation, or religious background. I am a woman. I am a child of God and I am blessed. With that said, I beg all women to get a mammogram. If you get a call back, GO BACK. BE BRAVE. Early detection is the key to survival.”


  1. Bish overacted and nobody had time for that. Women find lumps and get biopsies all the damn time. She’s tacky as hell for taking something like breast cancer and using it for camera time.

  2. She will use anything to get her shine on the show. It’s so pathetic. How do you from Miss USA to this sh-t? She must really need the money.

  3. I’ll honestly be glad when reality shows go away. The people on these shows will do anything for ratings. They are soulless and talentless creatures. I think I’m getting tired of this show. I am going back to scripted television.

  4. Whether they thought it was fake or not, it would have been nice of them to at least say something. It’s obvious they aren’t fond of Kenya.

  5. I love the beautiful Ms. Kenya Moore; Ms. USA. I love you!!! I hate the way the other Black women on Atlanta Housewives try to belittle her and diminsh her accomplishments. Keep your head up Girl! America is pulling for you!!! Be yourself and be true to you!!!! Hater’s do “HATEFUL” things. You will never see “White America diminish their people’s accomplishments. I thought that only happend in the hood; by envious broke “ghetto/ratchett fabelous” people. Shame on all the other cast member from RHOA. She need to be respected and honored as Ms. America. Thank God you got rid of “Walter” Who is he? Black men is good for tearing down Black women especially in public. Maybe he like drug addicted women, strippers and prostitutes. I’m not mad at him if that’s what it is!!! Kenya; stay strong, beautiful and continue to do you…! I love you girl. Keep your class and tell the rest of them “BEOTCHES” to kiss your stallion ass!

  6. I mean Ms. USA pardon the line Ms. America!! Forgive me for the wrong title announcement. I still love Kenya Moore. Ms. USA.!

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