50 Cent Says He Pulled the Plug on ‘Starter Wives Confidential’

Photo Credit: Alex Const
Photo Credit: Alex Const

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Starter Wives Confidential was cancelled by TLC, and it’s been confirmed by one of the cast members that the remainder of the episodes will only be available to watch on the network’s website. TLC has still not released any official statements regarding what happened to the reality show, but it’s being speculated that the show might have been pulled due to low ratings and alleged ongoing lawsuits filed against the network regarding the show. Before the show even premiered, it was confirmed that rapper 50 Cent had his baby and ex girlfriend Shaniqua’s footage stripped from the show. According to the rumors, Shaniqua signed some kind of confidentiality agreement prior to the series, and 50’s lawyers jumped on the network and told them they would be able to sue if her scenes was shown.

TLC gave Shaniqua the axe completely, and she couldn’t manage to get the network to retract their actions, although she tried to via her Twitter account.

If that’s not enough drama, Khloe Kardashian also wasn’t a fan of the show, and then there’s the rumors that suggest Lil Kim was in the process of filing a lawsuit against the network because she felt she was being defamed by her ex boyfriend Maino’s baby mama.

Regardless of what the cause of the show’s demise is, 50 Cent took to Twitter the other day and suggested he’s the one behind the show’s cancellation.

He tweets (read from the bottom up):

50 cent cancels starter wives confidential 2

50 Cent cancels starter wives confidential


We can’t say we believe 50 is actually the one behind the show’s quick ending, but anything’s possible, right?


  1. LOL 50 is a damn fool. I doubt he got the show cancelled. But shockingly, I agree with him. The show was just a fail all around and these ladies need to think of better ways to make money.

  2. He’s right about the since of entitlement thing. I don’t understand why the felt they deserved a show because of who they used to date. Women break up with men all the time. What makes them so special? They just need to move on like everyone else has to.

  3. The premise of the show sucked. I don’t like Hollywood Exes either. I can’t stand shows that portray women as being needy/pathetic and incapable of moving on from a relationship. All money isn’t good money.

  4. I’m trying to find out what they were going to say that had all their exes so freaked out. Man! I need to watch this show online.

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