Emmett Till’s Family Pens a Letter to Lil Wayne

Photo Credit: RJ
Photo Credit: RJ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a headline kind of week for rapper Lil Wayne. Fresh from his recent controversy with NBA team The Miami Heat, it’s been made clear that Lil Wayne likes to say controversial things and he’s not big on making apologies. Despite proclaiming that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife and considers Dwyane Wade too feminine, the only person who got somewhat of an apology was LeBron James. Weezy claims King James is his “homie,” but it’s pretty clear that LeBron isn’t interested on having any sort of friendship with Lil Wayne at this point. Regardless, folks are still waiting on Lil Wayne to address those disrespectful lyrics he rapped in reference to Emmett Till’s violent murder.

And although there is a petition circulating the Internet simply asking the rapper to apologize to the Till family, he has still said nothing about the situation. So it appears to most that Lil Wayne cares more about basketball than the black community.

Emmett Till’s family has already made it clear that they found the lyrics to be “disrespectful.” But they decided to take things a bit further, and took the time out to pen an open letter to the rapper.

The family makes it clear in the letter that they feel the lyrics are taking away the seriousness of Till’s murder and tarnishing its mark in our history.

Check out the letter that was obtained by Vibe below:

emmett till family letter to lil wayne

emmett till family letter to lil wayne 2

As of right now, Lil Wayne has still not addressed the controversy. But as his silence grows, so does the anger in the black community.


  1. Lil Wayne NEEDS to be boycotted ASAP! He needs to go away along with all of the other ignorant rappers that do nothing to advance the black race and human beings as a whole.

    1. I agree! What better way than to hit them in the pockets! It’s time we stop supporting people who feel they can say an do anything and we should just accept it!

  2. Lil Wayne is a disgrace to his race..he’s Willie Lynch’s BEST creation!!! Reading that letter had me both in tears & furious!! It’s such a good thing that i wasnt living back then & that happened to my son!! After my rampage was over & i got finished with the filth who did that to my baby..they’d be lynching me next..that’s on everything!!! The day when that ignorant lil rat midget retires wont be soon enough!!!

  3. Lil Wayne is so wrong for his comment and must not know how a serious of an impact till has on history. If that was hid family he wouldn’t say sh-t like that.this letter had me in tears

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