Exclusive: Mimi Faust Speaks on Altercation with K. Michelle

Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram
Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Mimi Faust and K. Michelle fight has caused a lot of people to wonder what happened to the friendship that seemed to be so tight on the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. K. Michelle confirmed in a recent interview that the friendship had gone sour, and she even said she thinks Mimi’s new man might be on the down low. Things might have escalated as a result of K. Michelle’s comments, and according to reports, K. Michelle slapped Mimi back stage at one of her performances after the two got into an argument over her remarks. Some blogs even claimed the slap caused her eardrum to get busted and she had to go to the hospital for treatment (yes, we’re serious).

Well it looks like the reports were inaccurate. Mimi and her publicist reached out to Urban Belle EXCLUSIVELY and told us what actually went down backstage between her and K. Michelle:

Ms. Faust is currently unharmed and never went to the hospital to be treated for a busted eardrum. The incident started in the dressing room where K. Michelle simply hit Ms. Faust with flowers after seeming a little irritated with questions about earlier statements made in a prior interview. However, there were no damages done. In actuality, Ms. Faust left the venue and continued her night by visiting and enjoying herself in other New York City prestigious venues.


Mimi also says she feels K. Michelle has no desire to ever talk issues out, but instead prefers violence to handle her disagreements with her cast mates.

Mimi says:

“Recalling all of the past incidents with K. Michelle and other cast members, she never seems to wants to talk things out; the end results are always violent. That’s not the type of person I am and to continue to fight with K. Michelle would have been pointless.”


As for K. Michelle, she pretty much decided to give her take on the situation on her Twitter account, she says (read from the bottom up):

k michelle mimi beef twitter


  1. She’s right though. For K. Michelle to say she’s a victim of DV, she’s violent as hell herself! Makes me wonder if she hit Memphitz first.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with being real, but K. Michelle is immature as hell. She’s so childish and rude it makes me forget she’s in her 30s.

  3. K. Michelle is ridiculous. She didn’t have to slap Mimi. She is going to meet her match one day in female form if she doesn’t calm down.

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