Phaedra Says Kenya’s Butt is Fake & ‘Full of Silicone’

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore‘s workout video drama has left them at odds with each other after Kenya informed Phaedra that she wanted 1o percent of the profits from ‘Phine Body: Donkey Booty’, which is selling quite well by the way, on top of $100,000 for distributing the product if she was going to go through with being apart of the project. Of course Phaedra wasn’t having that and got even more irritated with Kenya once it was revealed that Kenya had her own plans of putting out a workout DVD with the name ‘Stallion Booty’. And ever since then, it’s been on between the two as they fired shots at each other over the situation, fueling the feelings that Phaedra already had about Kenya after Kenya was seen doing some heavy flirting with Phaedra’s husband Apollo right in front of her face. While Kenya has directed her latest insults towards Porsha Stewart, Phaedra is not yet done slamming Kenya over the fitness video. Phaedra Parks tells In Touch Weekly that Kenya would need to have a real butt in order to put out a workout DVD that puts emphasis on the booty area and assures everyone that hers is 100% real:

“If you’re gonna sell a video talking about bottoms, you need to have one that’s homegrown. I’ve never been altered by plastic surgery. My butt is really my butt. [Kenya’s] is full of silicone!”

Ironically, Kenya Moore previously told the publication that she was not a “big fan” of plastic surgery and claims that she has had nothing done to any part of her body. Yet Phaedra claims that the former Miss USA is fronting hard about her dislike of implants and injections.


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