The K. Michelle and Mimi Beef Continues, Mimi’s Boyfriend Speaks

Photo Credit: @mimifaust, @kmichellemusic Instagram
Photo Credit: @mimifaust, @kmichellemusic Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The K. Michelle and Mimi beef continues. Just days after reports suggested that K. Michelle slapped Mimi backstage at one of her recent performances, it appears that both of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars still have plenty to say about their pretty big falling out that allegedly is all over Mimi Faust’s new man Nikko. The rumor mill got pretty insane quickly, and eventually it was speculated by certain blogs that K. Michelle slapped Mimi so hard that she busted her ear drum and had to be rushed to the hospital. Mimi eventually denied that things got that extreme, and her publicist confirmed that K. Michelle slapped Mimi backstage with some flowers.

But now it appears that both are still talking and revealing more details from their beef, as both called in to the Breakfast Club to tell their sides to the story.

Mimi claims that despite what her publicist said, she was not slapped or hit in the face with flowers. She also says that although she and K. Michelle did get into an argument over Nikko, she feels that their friendship really went sour because of K. Michelle’s confrontational antics.

Mimi’s boyfriend Nikko also gave his side to the story and he claims that he feels K. Michelle is a “home wrecker” who is not capable of being happy for other people. He also says that K. Michelle tried to hit on him, and is just angry that he turned her down; so she’s going around telling people he’s on the down low out of spite. He denies being gay and on the down low, and says K. Michelle is just salty that he didn’t give her “the D.”

Interestingly enough, K. Michelle called in shortly after Mimi and Nikko. The R&B singer stood by her opinion, and claims that she really believes that Nikki is on the down low. Apparently, Ariane told K. Michelle that Nikko’s roommate is allegedly known around Atlanta for being on the down low, so K. Michelle suspects that Nikko is as well. She also says that she doesn’t hate Mimi, but thinks it’s pretty evident that Nikko is just using her to be on the show. K. Michelle says she was just trying to be a friend and tried to warn Mimi about Nikko. Apparently things got heated when she told Mimi of her suspicions and Nikko somehow got wind of what was said and tried to confront her. She also confirmed what was written in the statement sent to us by Mimi’s publicist, and stated that she did slap Mimi in the face with flowers. She says the cameras were there to catch the entire confrontation on film and we will see it all go down next season (the show returns in April).

Check out the interviews below:


  1. Call me crazy but I believe K. Michelle. If Nikko is an artist and trying to get on, why wouldn’t he date Mimi for camera time?

  2. Even though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, no straight man holds his mouth like that. And MiMi needs to start making better choices in men, smh…

  3. Yeah he looks suspect to me too! And he know full well K. Michelle wasn’t checking for him. He’s not cute at all. Mimi needs to upgrade and quit downgrading!

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