Tashera Simmons Criticizes 50 Cent, Talks ‘Starter Wives Confidential’ Cancellation

Photo Credit: @officialtashera_s Instagram
Photo Credit: @officialtashera_s Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

DMX’s estranged wife Tashera Simmons  criticizes 50 Cent? Starter Wives Confidential was one of the newest additions to reality TV. The show’s time on the air didn’t last long though as it was announced that TLC was cancelling it. 50 Cent, who was battling his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins over her want to have the scenes that she filmed shown, boasted about how he supposedly was the reason behind why the show was cancelled. And it was also said that lawsuits were what drove SWC to get cancelled. TLC stepped in to clear things up, the network saying that Starter Wives Confidential was given the axe due to the low ratings that the show was bringing in. Starring in the show, were the exes of notable names in the industry, Tashera Simmons, estranged wife of Rapper DMX, was apart of the show’s casting line-up. And according to Tashera, the show got cancelled because of personality clashing and says that she doesn’t understand why people have an issue with women speaking out and having their own voice:

“I am no stranger to television and what just happened was unheard of and completely unorthodox. There were millions of dollars and a lot of hard work put into this project by the producers, staff and my costars. It’s hard to believe that there are still some fundamental issues in our society about women speaking up or having a voice.”

Tashera also says that she doesn’t understand how it’s acceptable for rappers to tell their stories about their rough upbrings and past experiences, looking to be criticizing 50 Cent without directly mentioning his name:

“It’s okay for rappers to get on television and tell their story about how many times they were shot or how they were heavily in the drug game, but it’s not okay for women to share their story about their life experiences.”

The cancellation of Starter Wives Confidential isn’t stopping Tashera Simmons from going through with her other ventures though as she is working on her memoir “Finding Tashera” and helping son Xavier with his music career.


  1. These bitter birds….Geesh! How hard is it to understand that no one cared to watch. You’re still trying to get famous off your exes who have moved on. It’s a shame that now you want to tell the story how they did you wrong yet they are the ones that ended the majority of these relationships. You accepted whatever he put you through until he replaced you. Now, you have been replaced you want to share your stories. Have several seats.

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