Kenya Moore Calls Phaedra Parks’ Workout DVD a ‘Silly Gimmick’

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s pretty clear that Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks are allowing their workout DVDs to keep things very nasty between them. Earlier in the season, the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars appeared to be developing a friendship with one another, but things turned sour quickly after a business deal didn’t go through and Phaedra opted not to use Kenya’s company to distribute her “Donkey Booty” workout series. Although Phaedra didn’t use Kenya’s company, Kenya has decided to move forward in the fitness industry on her own accord. Kenya has just released her own workout DVD called “Booty Bootcamp,” and it didn’t take long for Phaedra to throw some salt on Kenya’s new business endeavor.

In a recent interview, Phaedra claimed that she felt Kenya wasn’t qualified to have her own booty/fitness series because she thinks her booty was purchased. Although Kenya claims she has never had plastic surgery a day in her life, Phaedra clearly thinks otherwise as she feels Kenya’s booty is full of silicone.

Welp, it looks like Kenya is still taking shots at Phaedra’s workout DVD too because the other day she told a fan that Phaedra’s booty workout plan is nothing but a silly gimmick and Phaedra’s booty can be achieved by eating cheeseburgers.

She tweets (read from the bottom up)

kenya moore phaedra parks tweet

kenya moore phaedra parks twitter


In related news, according to the latest gossip, Kenya Moore is planning to upstage Phaedra by selling her DVD more competitively. Rumor has it that she’s trying to land a deal with Target and other retail giants, in addition to selling the DVD on Amazon. Regardless, Phaedra’s DVD is already selling like hotcakes on Amazon, and was recently a bestseller.


  1. Kenya is such a hater. She’s just mad that Phaedra’s DVD is selling. She really thought it was going to flop. Whoops!

  2. These two are a mess! I don’t think Phaedra’s booty is all that but Kenya’s isn’t even real so I guess they are both delusional about this in some way.

  3. So over, this outdated queen Bogarting ATL…..couldn’t find a man in Cali…so she comes east with BIG dreams…..WITH MUCH DRAMA…..

  4. Kenya’s a$$ is faker than a $2 bill and Phaedra wears booty pads to enhance her bottom when she dresses up. Any fool could see when she and Apollo were at the photo shoot for the DVD cover her booty is flatter than a pancake! Both are just trying to capitalize on the “big booty judy” phase! Chile bye!

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