Rasheeda Calls K. Michelle a Psycho & Talks Marriage to Kirk Frost

Photo Credit: @rasheedadabosschick Instagram
Photo Credit: @rasheedadabosschick Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Rasheeda’s beef was probably one of the ugliest ones to take place during the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Although Rasheeda and K. Michelle initially tried to be friends or casually friendly, Rasheeda’s loyalty to K. Michelle’s nemesis Toya Wright (wife to K. Michelle’s ex who she claims abused her) made that pretty tough to do. Eventually Rasheeda admitted that she didn’t believe K. Michelle’s claims regarding Memphitz, and that led to a huge falling out between the two reality stars.

After K. Michelle said in an interview that her only regret from season one of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was not laying hands on Rasheeda, Rasheeda took the beef to Instagram and dragged K. Michelle for her comments. The beef carried over to the reunion show where security had to prevent the two ladies from getting physical during taping.

K. Michelle has since then revealed that she just doesn’t film with Rasheeda anymore, and has no interest in ever being friendly with her again because she’s “too much of a flop” to associate with.

Well in a recent interview with Kontrol Magazine, it appears that Rasheeda might feel the same way. She even says she thinks K. Michelle is a psycho:

“We really don’t like each other. I mean I really don’t like her. We all get along and kick it, mainly try to support each other. The only beef situation was just her. I just happened to be on the show with a psycho.”


Although earlier rumors suggested Rasheeda and Kirk were getting the boot and not returning for season two, Rasheeda and Kirk have been confirmed for the second season and Rasheeda claims they have made many changes in their relationship as a result of the show:

“It’s hard because it’s just so close and connected. I try separating the two (business and personal). We got this thing now where we shut down the business day. So when we shut the day down, it keeps me from getting mad at him. It’s definitely hard though.”


  1. When everything went down between K. Michelle and Rasheeda at first, I was definitely on K. Michelle’s side. But now that K. Michelle has been crazy as hell without the cameras since the season ended, I have to say I agree with Rasheeda. She is psycho and very immature.

  2. What story line could Rasheeda possibly have this season if she’s not filming with K. Michelle? They probably should have given her and Kirk the boot.

  3. I wouldn’t call K. Michelle a psycho. She’s just very childish and insecure. It’s good that she’s leaving the show after this season. It’s not a good look for her anymore.

  4. Rasheeda better sit down somewhere before K. Michelle drags her a-s again. She stopped dragging her for Mimi, I’d hate for her to get back to hurting Rasheeda’s feelings again on Twitter. LOL.

  5. My problem with Rasheeda is how can you tell a woman she lied about getting beat up. I don’t really care for K.Michelle but Rasheeda wasn’t there so its a 50/50 chance. I understand you have loyalty to your friend but out right calling her a lie about a situation you know nothing about is stupid. Did he abuse her? I don’t know. And if he did do you really think he would admit it. Why you worried about K. Michelle being a psycho try getting your hustle up for someone being in the game so long you don’t have shh to show for it.

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