K. Michelle Explains Why She’s Leaving Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Photo Credit: @kmichellemusic Instagram
Photo Credit: @kmichellemusic Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, K. Michelle confirmed during one of her recent performances that she will be leaving Love and Hip Hop Atlanta after the second season. The R&B singer and reality star has had a lot of great things to happen to her after the show wrapped up its first season, with her biggest accomplishment to date being her record deal with Warner Bros. Although K. Michelle didn’t specify why she has decided to walk away from the series that placed her in the limelight just enough to secure a record deal and increase the size of her fan base, she recently stopped by Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5 and revealed why she’s leaving and also touched on her beef with Mimi Faust and Mimi’s new boyfriend Nikko.

K. Michelle and her fallout with Mimi is a result of her claiming during an interview with the Breakfast Club that she feels Nikko might be on the down low and using Mimi for reality television stardom. This of course led to a confrontation backstage at one of her shows and K. Michelle reportedly slapping Mimi in the face with some flowers. Nikko denies the allegations and claims that K. Michelle is only spreading rumors about him because she’s mad that he doesn’t want her.

K. Michelle tells 94.5:

“And nobody believes him. He even told the producer Ms. Mona Scott that he was going to do that because he was mad.

“He’s just trying to combat my belief. And I might be wrong, I don’t know, but my belief is I just think something is very suspect about this young man.

“I just really think he’s like a Fruit Roll Up.

“That’s just my belief. Just from how he carries himself. And I just think he’s being an opportunist when it comes to Mimi. You’ve known her, and now all of a sudden you’re in Atlanta and in love. And he has a roommate. You’re over 40 with a roommate in Atlanta. The rent isn’t high, we’re not in New York sir. So you do the math.”


K. Michelle’s beef is just a new one out of several when it comes to her relationships with the current cast, and she feels her faulty relationships are a sign that it’s time to walk away from the show:

“Yeah it’s time to go. I just feel like God’s just really blessing me. I just feel like I can’t keep putting myself in negative situations that’s going to make me want to slap somebody.

“You guys will see other things and you will hear about them soon. After this season, yeah I’ll probably walk away.


And K. Michelle also feels like her friendship with Mimi is past the point of repair at this point:

“I honestly feel like we’re at two different points in life. And after that [the Nikko situation] I just…once I kind of just lose respect for you, it’s best for me to just walk away.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. And when she leaves, the show will get wack. It never fails. Chrissy left and look at the show now. Oh well.

    1. LOL exactly. But honestly, reality shows usually lose steam around the third season. They don’t’ have the best shelf life.

  2. She does need to leave. She has what most of the reality star people wish they had…a record deal! Makes sense to me.

  3. I know she should leave but I don’t really want her to. She makes the show for me. Her and Stevie J. and Joseline.

  4. LOL. I think Mimi’s man is suspect too. Mimi has the worst taste in dudes. I mean he really does look like a fairy kind of dude. She can’t be that stupid right?

    1. She’s not stupid. Just desperate. Some women just don’t want to be alone so they date the Stevie J.’s and Nikkos of the world. It’s life.

  5. Good for her…..lesson she should learn is…..Be seen & and not heard all the time….sometimes u gonna suck it up…..

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