Mimi Faust’s Boyfriend Nikko Takes More Shots at K. Michelle

Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram
Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Mimi’s beef still isn’t settled and K. Michelle made it very clear in a recent interview that she feels the friendship has run its course. Things got nasty between the former friends after K. Michelle said she thought Mimi’s new boyfriend Nikko is on the down low. Nikko and Mimi deny that he’s into men, and K. Michelle ended up slapping Mimi in the face with flowers backstage at one of her shows when she tried to confront her about the comments she made about Nikko. Although Nikko claims K. Michelle is only making the accusations because she’s just salty that he turned down some of her advances, K. Michelle stands by her opinion and feels Nikko is just being an opportunist and using Mimi to get on television.

Well it appears Nikko has clapped back again because in a recent interview with Cotten Kandi, he claims that K. Michelle is just a salty homewrecker and that’s why she doesn’t have a man.

He says:

“You gotta take it from a girl that really don’t have a man figure in her life and that has a lot of issues. Even on the show as a bully with everybody. She has a war with anybody, everybody. She don’t really know me. I met her twice so for her to make those rumors those opinions, that’s what it is, it’s her opinion. She don’t know anything about me. It was just something for her to get ratings or to take a blow at Mimi because Mimi’s happy. I see her as a home wrecker. This is what she’s known for and this is why she don’t have a man.”

“Her words don’t validate who I am or her opinion don’t really matter to me. Do I have a gay member in my family? Of course, I have a gay member in my family. I’m not homophobic at all….so for her to make those assumptions and those opinions that’s a strike at the gay community within itself. I don’t have anything against gay people. I’m not gay at all. That’s pretty much what it is.”


From the looks of things, I guess we can expect another messy season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The show is set to make its return to VH1 in April.


  1. LOL this guy is doing the most. He is starting to act like an opportunist now. He needs to have a seat.

  2. I’m just ready for April so I can see K. Michelle slapping the sh-t out of Mimi with some damn flowers! Hilarious!

    1. Yeah he is. I hope Mimi knows what she’s getting herself into. She’s not an A List celeb, but folks will try to get a come up nowadays on reality stars too.

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