Kenya Moore Takes Shots at Phaedra Parks’ Marriage to Apollo

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

Kenya Moore taking shots at Phaedra Parks’ marriage now? Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks have been beefing with each other for the past few weeks now as the RHOA cast mates have not been able to contain the insults towards each other. Not ever quite becoming the best of friends after the incident in Anguilla, Kenya and Phaedra’s beef became much worse as it escalated after they attempted to come together on a workout DVD project that Phaedra was working on with her husband Apollo Nida. Kenya didn’t just rub Phaedra the wrong way with the distribution figure or desire for DVD profits that she came to Phaedra with but when Kenya decided to put out her own fitness DVD that was set to have a name that was similar to Phaedra, it was officially on. From that point on, Phaedra nor Kenya haven’t had many nice things to say about each other, Phaedra blasting Kenya over her alleged fake butt and Kenya returning the favor.

While Kenya’s main jabs have been centered around the workout DVD drama that has been going on between her and Phaedra, in a recent post that she did on her personal blog on Bravo’s website, Kenya fired shots at another aspect of Phaedra’s life, her marriage. Phaedra had already gotten the side eye from her other cast mates over her marriage to Apollo, over him being an ex-con and her being a lawyer. And once she got pregnant with her first child Ayden, Phaedra caused some suspicion about her due date as the one she was calling out didn’t seem quite right to the other housewives. The others have seemed to move on from it but Kenya brought it back up again, slamming “little pig” Phaedra for lying to everyone about when she really got pregnant by Apollo. And Kenya say she could have easily called Phaedra out her name over that.

Kenya writes:

“Seeing Phaedra in her interviews throwing dirty, cruel, and disgusting below the belt jabs about me only confirmed for me and the viewers that she is a jealous, fake, evil, and most of all a hypocritical villain. My body is natural. I clearly work hard for it. She hopes to affect my video sales, but people see through her conniving ways. With that said, there are unspeakable names you never call a woman! She is intent to malign me in any way she can with unfounded and disrespectful slurs. I have never called her a ho when she obviously got pregnant by a man fresh out of prison without using protection and lied about it to the world. I have learned from our irretrievably broken so-called friendship that if you roll around in the mud with a little pig, all you do is get dirty and the pig loves it.”



  1. Kenya just won’t stop until some drops some tea on her. I doubt she’s as classy as she wants everyone to believe. She did fake a relationship on TV.

  2. Sigh…that was unnecessary. Phaedra’s been taking little shots like saying her booty is fake, she’s bipolar, and drinks too much. So why does the bish feel the need to say slick sh-t about her marriage? At least Phaedra has a marriage…old washed up bish.

    1. Girl yes! I have to cosign with you. Kenya wants what Phaedra has. Even tho Apollo isn’t all that (but neither was Walter lol).

  3. I wish Kenya would go away again. She just didn’t seem like such a b-tch when was just a pageant queen and bootleg actress.

    1. Totally agree….this outdated import has brought nothing but shame to the blk women of Atl…her behavior is shameful…..

  4. I find it humorous that she’s hating on a married woman and she can’t even keep a man herself. The poor child even had to pay someone to pretend like they like her just to get on the show. I guess she thinks everyone has forgotten that.

  5. Smdh. She’s just as nasty as she claims Phaedra is. Just like how she started up those gay rumors about Walter because he admitted he wasn’t really with her. Kenya is one of the nastiest people on the show. Can’t stand her.

  6. Kenya’s not that bad! I just think she’s misunderstood. She this season’s mean girl and it really does go in cycles. For all we know next season it could be Phaedra. So don’t be so hard on her. She’s just playing her role for now.

  7. What ever Apollo is Kenyhoe was chasing him down like the dirty piece of cow manure that she is…she is jealous of Phaedra …what was her words “Apollo is kinda fine” she is just mad with her desperate dusty behind. Actually Kenyhoe is jealous of all of the housewives.

  8. Kenya get your own man !!!! It seems that Kenya wants what Phaedra has and has been like a dog in heat
    after Apollo. SMH………………….

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