Phaedra Parks Isn’t Sold on Kenya Moore Outselling Her in DVD Battle

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore have taken their on-screen beef to Amazon as the two reality stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta both have workout DVDs for sale in the competitive fitness market. Things between Phaedra and Kenya got ugly quickly when both couldn’t agree on the terms of a possible business deal that would have put Kenya in the position to distribute Phaedra’s workout DVD Phine Body/Donkey Booty. The falling out only inspired Kenya to put out her own DVD “Booty Boot Camp” and it’s basically come down to a showdown of sales between both self-proclaimed fitness gurus. Although Phaedra’s DVD was initially a bestseller on Amazon, it was recently reported that Kenya Moore’s DVD had already outsold Phaedra’s with the pre-sale orders alone. Kenya says she’s isn’t shocked but Phaedra says she’s calling BS on the reports.

In a recent interview with Wet Paint, she says:

“I would find it interesting if it’s true. I’ve been certified on Amazon three times as a best seller, and my collection has been selling steadily since December — they’ve even outsold Jillian Michaels’s DVDs. Kenya’s have just come out on the market, so for her to be outselling me, that would surprise me.”


And when Wet Paint asked the reality star if she expects some major drama out of Kenya on the reunion, Phaedra says she does, especially since Kenya doesn’t have anything else to talk about or going on in her life besides her beef with her and Walter (shade):

“I’m sure. As you well know, I’m a businesswoman. I have several businesses and multiple projects in the works. The only thing Kenya’s got going on right now is this DVD issue with me and then what happened with her and Walter. That’s pretty much all she’s got to talk about, so I’m sure it will come up, yes.”


  1. I have to say I don’t blame Phae for doubting that Kenya outsold her. Kenya does lie, so I wouldn’t put this past her either.

    1. The reports of Kenya’s DVD outselling Phaedra’s didn’t come from Kenya’s mouth. It came from ACTUAL sales reports.

  2. LOL these two need to stop it. Neither one of them should be selling fitness DVDs if you want to be real about it. I still prefer Phaedra though because Kenya tries too hard.

  3. Lesson….NEVER LET UR RIGHT HAND KNOW WHAT UR LEFT HAND IS DOING….Sick of her, Cynthia is a two faced snitch…..U need to stop making those stupid facial expressions….& put that out dated b in her place……She’s 24 carat Crazy….This behavior just makes black women look BAD…..

  4. I agree. Kenya’s butt is fake so there will be no way to acheive a butt like hers unless you purchase it. and Phaedra looks a little to chubby for me to think her DVD workout tape would even work. So I don’t think either one of them should be selling workout tapes at all. Apollo on the other hand can sell any DVD with that nice body of his!

  5. In my honest opinion, I think Phaedra is blowing stealing the whole idea out of proportion. Yes, you did say that you wanted to work on a work out video first. However, after Kenya brought to you the number and distribution deal and you backed out, she had to distribute something. “Nothing is new under the sun”. So, I think that you need to get over the idea that Kenya stole your idea for a workout video. Nene, Cynthia and Kim have their own lines of wine but they’re not arguing over who had the idea first. I used to love Phaedra but this kid mess over the fact it was your idea first has got to go. you need to just run your race and not worry about anyone else.

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