Walter Jackson Slams Bravo & Kenya Moore for Reunion Snub

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s pretty understandable why Real Housewives of Atlanta achieved record-breaking ratings in its fifth season, and one name should sum that up perfectly: Kenya Moore. The new reality star proved that she was a natural at making a show messy enough to keep viewers tuned in week after week, and that was easy for her since she managed to drag out her on-screen beefs with Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart. But the biggest scandal Kenya has been involved in this season actually took place away from the cameras. Late last year, Walter Jackson, who was her on-screen beau, went to an Atlanta radio station and claimed that he and Kenya were faking their romance for the cameras. Kenya denied the allegations made by Walter, but Walter said he has proof to back it up, and was trying his best to convince the Bravo execs to send him an invite for the reunion show so he could expose her.

Welp, the taping for the reunion show went down last night, and Walter was not in attendance. And of course he took to his Twitter account to make it known that he is not happy about the snub and he claims that he’s furious that Bravo continues to let Kenya make up lies about him on the air.

He also claims that he was not paid to fake the romance and only did it because they were friends and he wanted to help her get a spot on the show.

He tweets (read from the bottom up):

walter jackson twitter 4

walter jackson twitter 3

walter jackson twitter 2

walter jackson twitter


And since we’re talking about Walter and Kenya, we heard from a little birdie that Bravo didn’t want to invite Walter to the reunion not because they don’t believe him, but because they want to protect their cash cow Kenya Moore’s rep just enough to keep her around for the next season. In fact, not only does NeNe Leakes believe Walter is telling the truth, but allegedly so do the execs at Bravo. However, Bravo is really desperate to keep the ratings high, and they don’t think they can do that without Kenya Moore.


  1. Yeah I figured they weren’t going to invite him. And it makes sense that Kenya would be back for season 6. She did bring in the ratings. But I still think Walter is telling the truth.

    1. The Atlanta ladies are the most fun and spontaneous of all to watch, season after season. New Jersey may have ran out of story line because that cast is all played-out. Same with Orange County. Did any of us watch the boring DC or Miami Housewives? Me neither! And I could not tell the Beverly Hills bleached blonde housewives apart, lol. NY has turned into a yawn. Atlanta housewives will still be on the air long after the others are gone (I hope).

  2. I know it sucks to watch someone lie about you so harshly on TV. But he needs to do the smart thing and file a lawsuit. That’s the only way Kenya will learn to stay in her place.

  3. If he’s so bold and brave why doesn’t he just go ahead and say their names? He’s referring to Bravo as (BR_) and Kenya as “her”, but he wants us to believe he doesn’t have an angle? Sounds like he’s trying to ride the fence just in case (BR_) decides to give him another shot. SMH> He’s just as lame as Kenya.

    1. I think he doesn’t want to be sued cause that could happen if he directly says the networks name or Kenya’s name. So I think he’s pretty smart for not saying their names.

  4. Well Walter can’t blame anyone but himself. He should have never agreed to fake it on TV and then turn around and throw Kenya under the bus. What did he expect her to do after the fact? Send him some flowers? LOL.

    1. Thank you your comment was the best! People don’t even realize that RHOA was going down in ratings in SEASON 4 BEFORE Kenya got on the show so she did basically save the show with her drama. However, what they need to do is get someone on that show that can handle Nene! Everyone acts like they are scared to confront Nene now that Kim is gone, so she needs someone to handle her. They could bring Marlo back but Marlo is Nene’s friend. Walter played himself. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it!

  5. I wish Walter would sit all the way down. He’s just mad that he tried to play Kenya but got played himself in the process. *Twirls away*

    1. I agree with you. Walter is not telling the whole truth. He and Kenya had a relationship of some sort that was more than just friends. He should sit down and shut up. There is just no excuse for him to put Kenya down the way he has to try to humiliate her further. What a cad who cannot keep his big mouth shut.

  6. If he’s telling the truth, he should have never agreed to do it and then run to the radio station. Don’t throw stones and then hide your hands and cry foul after the fact.

  7. Bravo is shameless…..all about ratings…..they should give the viewers the ultimate satisfaction of seeing these two face off……I truly believe he would make her look like…her worth $0.02……She needs a reality check…LOL

  8. I will say that I agree that Walter shouldn’t have accepted the offer to help Kenya land her spot and then rat on her, however, none of no what the terms of that agreement was. And from the interview Walter did, it sounded like he was blind sided by the marriage & baby talk that Kenya kept pressing him about every episode. So, if that wasn’t apart of the deal, then he did the right thing by exposing her! JMO.

  9. There is something shady and aloof about Walter’s interactions with Kenya that doesn’t ring true. Then him telling the guys that Kenya was too old for his taste clearly shows that he is no gentleman. Nice guys don’t say things like that. He sounds superficial or like a guy who possibly is not into (real) woman.
    Makes you wonder.

  10. Walter should just drop it and enjoy the attention he is getting for his towing business. Most likely business is up thanks to Kenya Moore and BRAVO. He just comes across as a jerk when he gossips about her.

    1. I think Walter was asked by the men if he had “hit it” while in Anguilla? And his reply was no. I think Kenya is trying to shade Walter by implying that he is gay because he would let her sample daddy …k (in Jody’s voice).

      1. Walter is shady and he is an extreme fame whore! Mrs Kenya I like tell it like it is girl. Don’t be scared of Nene she is rude and treats other like sh@t just to then point the fingers at others actions that mimic her own.

        You do your thang and be you! Twirl baby!

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