Boxing CEO Makes Fun of 50 Cent’s Boxing Ambitions

Photo Credit: @50cent Instagram
Photo Credit: @50cent Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper 50 Cent is attempting to become a serious business man, and so far, he’s done pretty well. His success with Vitamin Water has been nothing short of amazing, and now he has his sights set on creating the same success in the boxing promotions/management industry. Unfortunately for 50, his business deal with Floyd Mayweather has gone sour, and it’s pretty clear that big names in boxing aren’t sold that he even has what it takes to stay in the business. With recent rumors suggesting 50 is trying to sign boxer Adrien Brone to his boxing promotions/management company, the CEO of Golden Boy Richard Schaefer decided to blast him and his ambitions in a recent interview. Apparently Adrien is already signed to Golden Boy for management.

Schaefer tells Mad Boxing:

“Adrien is part of a long-term deal with us and he has a long-term deal with Al Haymon as well. So I don’t know who’s spreading those rumors but whoever is doing that is probably 50 Cent. He better be careful because he’s a guy who really doesn’t know what he’s doing.

“He might be a talented music guy but as a businessman, you have to look at his record. I mean, the Vitamin Water, that was like sheer luck. It was not because of his brains he got involved and you look at his record label, how many guys does he still have signed? When did he do his last concert? C’mon, now this guy wants to get into boxing?

“And now he’s trying to go after our fighters? Good luck.”




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