Claudia Jordan Slams Omarosa for Michael Clarke Duncan’s Funeral

Photo Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube
Photo Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks like La Toya Jackson isn’t the only star from The Celebrity Apprentice that has some beef with Omarosa Manigault. Recently, La Toya Jackson made headlines when she suggested that she beleived Omarosa was dirty enough that she probably pulled the cord on her fiance Michael Clarke Duncan. Omarosa is fighting back with a lawsuit against La Toya, but La Toya is standing by the comments because she says she has a right to her opinion. Claudia Jordan also made a return to the hit show and although she didn’t get into with Omarosa in front of the cameras, apparently the once friendship they did have has gone sour.

Omarosa made a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show and said she was upset with Claudia for posting a photo of Michael’s funeral to her Instagram account. Apparently Omarosa asked all those who were in attendance to not post any pictures online. When Wendy asked Claudia about this, Claudia went off and slammed Omarosa for putting together what she feels was a despicable and attention seeking funeral. Claudia says:

“You know what’s funny about that? This is the first I’ve heard about this. And for her to have an issue with me putting a picture, a tribute to Michael who was my friend when this woman had a red carpet at her fiancé’s funeral, I think that’s a little bit more despicable. She was doing press at the funeral. How upset were you? And she didn’t cry, so she didn’t need any makeup touchups.

“My picture was respectful. I was actually appalled by some of the people who were making appearances at the funeral and that’s why I was tweeting actually.

“There was a photographer by the body. So please don’t let Omarosa fool you with the ‘Woe is me thing’ because this is the first time that I ever heard she was upset about this. I have the upmost respect for Michael Clarke Duncan. And I was very disgusted with how things were at that funeral. I called a friend of mine after the funeral and said, ‘This is a mockery of a funeral. This was press opportunity.'”


Ouch. Claudia also claimed Omarosa seems to talk more about all the money Michael left her than how much she misses him:

“We have money raising challenges on the show and Omarosa told myself, Brandy, La Toya, several of us that she had access to some of the money from the charity that Micael Clarke Duncan had. And if she needed it, she would use it. This is what she told me and we were all like, ‘I don’t think you’re even able to do that.’ Allegedly. Let me just protect myself.

“I’m very much tired of how black women are always fighting on television. We’re not all like this, okay? We made a pact before we went on the show. We’re not going to throw each other under the bus. We spoke and she was like, ‘I got you sis.’ And when she calls you sis, that’s the kiss of death.

“So when I’m hearing you brag every day about the money he left behind and the mom didn’t get this and that and you got everything; I’m like why are we talking about his money? Why aren’t we talking about how much you miss him? Don’t talk to me about his black card. I don’t want to hear it.”


Looks like Claudia may be another person added to Omarosa’s growing list of lawsuit recipients. In related news, Wendy also asked Claudia about those rumors floating around that claim she’s dating Love and Hip Hop star Benzino. There’s pictures floating around of them kissing, but Claudia says it was just for a music video. She also denied dating Tom Joyner, a newer rumor that just popped up yesterday. Check out the interview below:


  1. Claudia is just telling the truth. Omarosa is a snake and has no heart. I believe everything she’s saying too.

  2. Oh wow. I actually love them both! But shame on Omarosa if this is true! This would make her a heartless person.

  3. Well damn! You have to respect Claudia for not being afraid to say how she feels. But the truth is, no one knows Omarosa’s heart but God. I just wish she’d stop playing the role of Angry Black Woman on TV. She’s a sellout for that.

  4. Yes Claudia!!!! I’m sorry, but Omarosa needs to have a stadium of seats. When she cried on The Apprentice over Michael Clarke Duncan, it just seemed like bad acting!

  5. Read her for filth Claudia! If she’s faking it, she needs to be called out! Michael deserved better if this is true!

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