K. Michelle Disses Chad Johnson & His Taste in Women

Photo Credit: @kmichellemusic Instagram
Photo Credit: @kmichellemusic Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Say what you want about R&b singer and reality television star K. Michelle, but what you can’t call her is shy. When K. Michelle feels good and ready to, she makes her opinions known on her Twitter account, in her music and interviews. And since she does speak her mind so often, she has found herself in the middle of several beefs with her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast mates, and she’s even had a few beefs with other artists in the music industry. As a result of all of the feuds, K. Michelle has already confirmed that she won’t be returning for season three of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and she’s already made it clear that her recent beef with Mimi Faust has ruined any chance of the former friends ever being on good terms again.

K. Michelle’s love life hasn’t been much better, and after going public with her romance with basketball star J.R. Smith (he later dissed her on Twitter), she’s decided to now keep her romances to herself. Although she recently admitted she was dating someone, she told her fans she would not reveal who she was seeing romantically. Interestingly enough, it appears that she’s been openly tweeting back and forth with Evelyn Lozada’s ex husband Chad Johnson, and she even offered him words of encouragement after he dragged Evelyn on Twitter recently. This has caused some to start speculating that Chad and K. Michelle had some kind of romance going on.

Welp, it looks like K. Michelle might have just shut down all the budding rumors because she slammed the former NFL star on Twitter after a fan asked her if she was dating him. She tweets (read from the bottom up):

k. michelle and chad johnson dating



  1. Well damn. She’s right though. Chad has a type, and that type is non black groupies who lack intelligence.

  2. Lol seriously? She had a dude denying to the world on twitter that they were together…another ex allegedly beat her and spent all her money and she wants to talk about someone else having bad taste in the opposite sex??? GTFOH. I think she said it pretty well herself on the episode of LHHATL when she went to see her gynocologist and was talking about even with all the work she had done, expensive weave and new teeth that she still couldn’t seem to find a good man. Lol maybe it’s because they see past all the veneers, makeup and wigs and recognize that you are a crazy dramatic b*tch…IJS! She’s had falling outs with all the women in the cast now except for Erica and Mimi (and I heard that even she and Mimi aren’t cool anymore)…coincidence? I think not. This broad needs to get a GOOD man (and not scare him off for at least a year) before she talks about anybody else having bad taste when it comes to dating.

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