Sneak Peek: Rashidah Attacks Mandeecees’ Manhood at Reunion

Photo Credit: VH1/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: VH1/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season three of Love and Hip Hop New York has finally come to an anticlimactic end, but most people are hoping that the Reunion Show will make up for a pretty lackluster season. Ratings for the series even tanked its lowest since its debut season, and most would suggest that has to do with the fact that the “story lines” and new cast members just aren’t appealing enough to viewers. For one, Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz’s “romance” just didn’t seem believable most of the time, and the love triangle between Kaylin/Joe Budden/Tahiry just wasn’t all that interesting to most. Especially when one considers the epic love triangle on the spin-off with the Atlanta cast.

The reunion show promises to bring confrontations and surprise announcements, but it also appears that there will be some pretty ridiculous moments in which it’s clear that some things are just better left unsaid. In the sneak peek of the reunion, it couldn’t be clearer, especially since Rashidah takes shots at an incarcerated Mandeecees’ manhood, while Yandy is left to sit through it and still keep it classy.

In the clip, Rashidah says:

“Mandeecees and I used to hang out on a regular basis. We used to see her [Yandy] out sometimes, and he would talk about her behind her back.

“He’s not here to defend himself, so because of that I’m not going to get so deep, in depth because he’s not here to defend himself. And I’m the type of female, I don’t want to kick you when you’re down. Let’s box toe to toe when you up. I’m not going to try to take advantage of the fact that he’s not here. However, it was shocking to me that he would ever mention me because he had one of the smallest p*nises I have ever seen on a human being.

“Yandy, can you not attest to that?”


Check out the clip below:


  1. Rashidah lacks class. That hair color only confirms she’s a clown. I’m glad Yandy didn’t stoop down to her level.

  2. SMH. I would think a female Rashidah’s age would be able to come up with better insults for a man than p-nis size.

  3. Love Yandy! She has to keep it classy because she has something to lose. Her reputation is important for her business. Rashidah is just immature and trashy.

  4. The funny thing is Yandy doesn’t even seemed bothered by her comments. His d-ck game can’t be so bad she still talking about it after all these years. Hoodrat behavior at its best. SMH

  5. Okay Ronald McHoodrat just trying to catch another season on the show lmao. What a clown indeed

  6. He started it by saying he smashed and how displeased he was with sexing her so she is entitled to tell us her version of the story. Yes, Yandy comes off as classy but she is a fool too! Why would you have a baby by a notorious drug dealer and alleged child molester? She can play crazy about the feds on t.v. all she wants but she knew good and well what he was doing and WHO he was doing. He is Harlem! She was a side piece up until she put him on the show! Deeone is Thee Man!

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