Post Controversy, Rick Ross’ Recent Concert is a Bust & 50 Cent Has Jokes

Photo Credit: @richforever Instagram
Photo Credit: @richforever Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rick Ross surely isn’t looking like the boss he says he is in his rap songs these days. The Maybach Music Group leader found himself in the middle of a huge controversy when he rapped about what sounded a lot like date rape in Rocko’s song “”U.E.O.N.O.” Although the rapper claims he feels his lyrics are being misinterpreted, he still became the target of an online petition, while his endorsement deal with Reebok was heavily protested by women activist groups. Despite his late apology on his Twitter account, the rapper was eventually dumped by Reebok and Rocko has since replaced his verse on his song. Rick Ross did release a formal apology in the form of a statement the other day, but the scandal might already be affecting his career since new reports suggest his recent performance in Long Island, New York on Friday was a bust. According to the Hip Hop Gossip Site, attendance was pretty low. The blogger also says Rick Ross and Waka Flocka refused to give interviews and we’re assuming that’s because both are currently involved in pretty controversial scandals.

Here’s what the blog says went down at the concert:

Last night, Rick Ross and his friends Waka Flocka, French Montana and Movado came to the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island to perform what was supposed to be a concert to not be forgotten. Instead, the few people who showed up to actually watch the concert were left with WTF faces. And here’s what I mean by that.

For starters, the Nassau Coliseum was not packed by any means.

…Absolutely no one came out!!! And to make matters worse, security made everyone feel like we were visiting an inmate at Sing Sing or Rikers!! I never felt so violated in my life!! You mean to tell me I had to go through all of that just to see Rick Ross?! C’mon son! It wasn’t even that serious!


Interestingly enough, it appears Rick Ross’ nemesis 50 Cent decided to kick him while he’s down. He took to his Twitter account to make fun of Reebok dropping him:

50 cent twitter


  1. Well serves him right. Maybe he needed to be humbled. I still can’t believe he was dumb enough to rap what he did.

  2. Oh goodness. 50 is about to have me cracking up at my desk. He is such a clown. Truth is, 50 is way smarter than Rick Ross. You have to understand how important your brand is. If you’re trying to be the “boss,” you can’t say stupid ish in your music anymore. Companies aren’t going to ride with you when the petitions come out.

    1. Hell, you ain’t really a boss if you’re still sponsoring someone else’s product and not making your own! I think Jay-Z is the only rapper who can call himself a boss at this point. 50 is almost there tho.

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