Truce: K. Michelle & Mimi Hug It Out Post Blowup

Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram
Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality stars K. Michelle and Mimi Faust might be enjoying their fame from VH1’s smash hit Love and Hip Hop Atlanta but the transition into reality stardom hasn’t been without its drama. K. Michelle has gotten into it with most of her cast mates, but it was always pretty clear that she and Mimi had a pretty good friendship with one another. However, things quickly changed as they filmed for season two of the show after K. Michelle revealed in an interview that she believed Mimi’s boyfriend at the time  (it’s rumored Mimi is single again) was actually on the down low. Mimi didn’t take too kindly to the comments, so she decided to confront K. Michelle about it backstage at one of her shows. The confrontation got so heated that K. Michelle ended up slapping Mimi in the face with a bouquet of flowers. Although this led to a few insults being exchanged between both in interviews and even on Twitter, K. Michelle admitted recently that she now regrets slapping Mimi with the flowers:

“You know I recently spoke with Mimi — I can’t give the show away — but I did apologize to her because at no means is it ever appropriate to slap somebody. Especially with my mom being there and that being my first sold out show at B. B. King’s and that’s very monumental for an artist and for you to come to my event; I don’t do that. But I will take the responsibility…I should’ve just walked away from Mimi instead of making her smell the flowers.”


Things between the two former friends must be peaceful again because the other night both hugged it out during press rounds at a premiere party. Radio personality Angela Yee of the Breakfast Club snapped a picture of the tender moment and posted it to her Instagram account:

mimi and k. michelle hug


We’re happy to see Mimi and K. Michelle are on good terms again.


  1. I’m not sure it would be so easy for me to forgive someone who took a whole bouquet of flowers and popped me in the face. IJS.

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