Shemar Moore Talks Dating Toni Braxton & Halle Berry, Calls Toni ‘A Wild Ride’

Photo Credit: @shemarmoore Twitter
Photo Credit: @shemarmoore Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Shemar Moore has always had the reputation for being one of the most beautiful actors of color. Even now, he’s still considered a sex symbol by a lot of women, and his career doesn’t appear to be slowing down any thanks to his role on hit show Criminal Minds. Shemar has managed to keep himself and his private life out of the tabloids for the most part, however, he’s had his share of beautiful women and successful actresses. Most people have no clue that the actor used to date singer Toni Braxton and popular actress Halle Berry. Shemar recently opened up about his past romances with both stars and even referred to his relationship with Toni as a “wild ride.” He tells BET:

“[Toni Braxton] was my first Hollywood relationship. I was a baby, I did not know sh*t. I had just graduated from college, I had no money and I was on Young and the Restless. She called my agent when she was shooting a video in Miami, and it just went from there. I was like the little kid who found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It was a wild ride with Toni. She would never sing for me, though. That always bothered me.”


He talks more about why he felt Halle was special and feels Toni was just fun times since he learned more from his relationship with the actress:

“She was the first woman to really knock my socks off. I fell hard for Halle. A lot of people now know we dated, but we had to keep it hush-hush at the time because she was fresh off her divorce from David Justice. I’m still grateful for that relationship. I was smitten not just because of who she was, but because we were so similar in so many ways. She was biracial, she was kind of going through the same things I was in Hollywood. Toni was a fun ride, but Halle was a necessary experience. It made me much stronger as a man, and knowing the caliber of woman I want in the future.”


  1. I just hate when men say things like this about their exes. If a woman did it, they would she was a b-tch. I hate double standards.

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