Traci Braxton’s Husband Reveals What She Needs from Toni Braxton to Start Healing Process

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Traci and Tamar’s relationship fell apart on BFV.

Fans of “Braxton Family Values” are fully aware of the contentious relationships between the Braxton sisters. In fact, last season was an explosive one. Things got much worse between Traci Braxton and Tamar Braxton. During Tamar’s birthday getaway, the sisters had a heated conversation. And Traci ended up telling Tamar that she makes it hard for people to love her. As for Tamar, she feels as if Traci refuses to move on from the past. So that makes it impossible for the sisters to ever get in a good place.

Traci just feels like issues from the past and the current prove that she doesn’t truly have any support from her sisters. And she doesn’t think things can be resolved until that issue is addressed.

David gets involved.

So when Towanda Braxton’s boyfriend Sean Hall tried to help the sisters mend things last season, Traci wasn’t feeling this. She called out Towanda and said that Sean didn’t know enough about the situation to get involved the way he did.

While some fans of the show figured the sisters could at least work things out while the show is currently in hiatus from airing on television, apparently things have worsened. And Tamar allegedly revealed that things got violent between family members. It’s also looking as if Tamar and Traci still aren’t on good terms.

Interestingly enough, Tamar’s ex-boyfriend David Adefeso attempted to help mend the relationship between Tamar and Traci on “Get Ya Life.” He did so by secretly meeting with Traci’s husband Kevin Surrat. And Kevin had a lot to say.

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